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So we're finally here, I wrote a blog the other day about secret warriors and how I'd forgotten seeds hickman had been planting so far back i'd forgotten. This issue was one of them  
"I would like to kill a god" Gorgon 
The Good 
The showdown between phobos and gorgon is great, Alex really stands out here. I'm not going to ruin the ending of who wins but let me put it this way, Hickman leaves you unsure of the winner right up until the end. This fight was handled in a such a way it was almost like Hickman had two endings and passed me the last page right there at the end.  
Emotions on the teams faces were pretty good and art overall was enjoyable aside from some areas (see below). 
The Bad 
Yo-Yo and Daisy. You know when tv series sometimes replace characters with a new actor and it doesn't feel right? That's what these new versions of Yo-Yo and Daisy feel like. At the start of secret warriors, Yo-yo was hispanic and Daisy was an Angelina Jolie lookalike, now Yo-Yo's been replaced by a member of black panther's dora milaje and daisy just looks like some average looking scared little half asian girl. It's a big disconnect for me, it's not a small artist quirk, this is a major image change and I think the editor should have picked it up. 
Other issues with the art including why is alex holding his Katana backwards with just one hand? Guarantee Gorgon would snap the little 10 year old's wrist in a second if he held it like that, demi-god or not. the cover has got it right the main book has got it backwards. And while we're here it looks like when alex uses his fear powers that gorgon is soiling himself. 
The nit picking 
Only 7 pages for the fight? I'd been spoiling for this fight so don't know why so much time and big panels were dedicated to the team getting out. Would have preferred more grasscutter/godkiller clashing!  
To sum up, I had issues with this book but they were all overridden by how Alex was handled in this issue. Even if you're not a fan of Phobos I'd still recommend this.


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