Why Wasn't There a 'Young Society'

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Reading back on Villains United, the Secret Society of Supervillains (or Society as they were simply called throughout INFINITE CRISIS) seemed nearly invincible. Controlled by six of the greatest super-villains ever assembled in the DC Universe (Alex Luthor from Earth-3/Lex Luthor, The Calculator, Dr. Psycho, Deathstroke, Talia Al Ghul, and Black Adam), it occurred to me that these guys have children and never considered having a little league version of the Society (like how the Justice League has Teen Titans.....but now a group called the Terror Titans might now accomplish that concept.). If there was a 'Young Society', here's what the group council would look like and my reasons:
Lex Luthor = Superboy (Back in the Teen Titans/Outsiders crossover, The Insiders, Luthor triggered a secret word that made Superboy go berserk and turn against his teammates)

The Calculator = Wendy Harris/Proxy (Although she is a heroine, I would like to see her fall and follow in her father's footsteps and find some means to walk again...)
Dr. Psycho = unknown (Dr. Psycho does not seem to have a interest about having children....He should think about his evil legacy.)

Deathstroke the Terminator = The Ravager V (When Rose was attacked by her evil uncle, Slade 'saves' her and pushes her to kill her uncle and then get's drugged to become more violent. Ravager's older brother, Jericho, would have been an interesting choice, but there is some mystic force to make him go insane)

Talia Al Ghul = Damien Wayne/Robin (Before switching sides from bad to good, I kinda prefer the spoiled and violent Damien)

Black Adam = Osiris (Although a hero from the beginning, Osiris is becoming a bit darker thanks to the Brightest Day run on Deathstroke's Titans...)
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Well, there was the Terror Titans (I actually liked that concept) and the short-lived Titans East:

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@JediXMan: I know that....and I like them both.....
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there was but doctor light got ahold of em................kidding

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