bloodwolfassassin's Secret Six #6 - Six Degrees of Devastation, Part Six: Cutting the Cord review

You'll wear my Marbles as Earrings

So we've reached the end of this retrospective, and we start with the Mad Hatter... in Wonderland. Ooookay, there are two possible explanations for this. The first is: The events of this story have caused what little sanity The Mad Hatter has left to go bye-bye and this is the only way his mind can make sense of the incomprehensible insanity of what's going on. The Second: The events of this story have caused what little sanity I have left to go bye-bye and this is the only way my mind can make sense of the incomprehensible insanity of what's going on.

In actuality, Hatter is hallucinating from the poison that Cheshire infected him with last issue, and so he sees everything as Wonderland. Knockout is the Queen of Hearts, Deadshot and Catman are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Doctor Psycho (I wonder is he's related to Doctor Insano?) as the White Rabbit and Cheshire... oh you figure it out. In the real world, Scandal, who Hatter sees as Alice, tries to wake him up and bring him back to reality. However, all Hatter can do is comment on how "Alice" has a particularly nice ass for a child. Even when slowly dying in the middle of a chaotic castle raid, Mad Hatter still takes time out to be a creepy pedophile.

Meanwhile, Vandal, still pinned to his wall with a sword thanks to Scandal last issue is remarking on how his outfit is now ruined. Oddly enough, he's actually rather proud of his daughter for having the guts to stab her father. Only Vandal Savage people, only Vandal Savage.

Back in the battle, Catman and Cheshire square off and after violently trying to murder each other for a while, Cheshire suggests they have sex right there on the battlefield. Wow, Sex and Violence are pretty interchangeable with this woman aren't they.

Back with our old pal Vandal Savage, He dons a Kimono, stands on his roof and calls out his daughter like the crazy bastard that he is. From here on out, everything is straight action. Hatter fights Dr. Psycho (I'm out of jokes to make fun of his name, I think it's well established that it sucks) Knockout starts tearing down the house, Deadshot shoots people... a lot, and Ragdoll.... does whatever it is he does. The battles are won and Scandal let's her father fall off a cliff. When Scandal is about to fall off the same cliff, Hatter comes along and tries to cut her hand off. Why, because she knocked his hat off back in issue 4. You see, in this series, it's not a matter of who's the most insane, but rather a showcase of several different forms of different yet equal levels of insanity. Speaking of insanity, Ragdoll shows up and for once, he doesn't talk like a mental patient who not only believes that he was abducted by alien nazi kangaroo's who replaced his brain with uncooked spinach, but also believes that he is an immortal William Shakespeare who must search the globe for Julious Caesar, Earnest Hemingway and George Harrison and decapitate them because in the end there can be only one. He says that he understands Mad Hatter and convinces him to stand down. Hatter is happy to the point of tears that he finally has people who he can call friends. Then Ragdoll pushes him off the cliff, because Ragdoll believes Jervis to be just as crazy as he is and, true to the latter of those two elaborate delusions I concocted on the spot, there can be only one. So we end with everyone back at their base, Scandal threatening hack off Deadshots Marbles and wear them as earrings if he touches Knockout again.

What Works:

This is an epic conclusion with a lot of delightful insanity, and it's fun to review.

What Doesn't:

I got nothing, this is good stuff.



This series is purely concentrated and carefully refined awesome. I can't remember a series that was more fun to review. The school year starts up again in a week which means I'll have easy access to the local comic store. First order of business, pick up more of this stuff.


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