harleyquinn12's Secret Six #36 - Caution to the Wind, Part Two of Two: Blood Honor review

Out with a bang.

If you know me, you know that I love the Secret Six. I've loved them for years. You might also know that I have been having some issues with the book recently mainly because of J Calafiore's art, and the new members of the team. The last issue here ties everything up very nicely, and in fact, changed my opinion on the last few arcs.  
What was good? 
Almost everything was good. Gail Simone gives me everything i could have ever wanted out of this book. I love the compromise that Scandal reaches about knockout and Liana, and Jeanette's revelation that they actually are villains brough a tear to my eye. The heroes find out where the Six are hiding, and the fact that they actually are able to muster up the courage to try to take this huge group of heroes was great. Calafiore's art was, and i hate to say it, really good. I love his Black Canary and his Huntress, and the emotion was captured perfectly in many of these scenes. There are some really great dynamic poses in here, and this book goes out with a bang. 
What was bad? 
The only bad thing I can think of is that they still tease us with the last panel, and there's a chance that we might not be able to see the real end of this book.  
I'm so sad to see this book go. i would recomend these trades to every that likes offbeat/antihero stories. You could even pick up just the last issue, and the last page in this issue still has the same emotional resonance.

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