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He's been a man of honor seeking his righteous path. But now, Bane has looked into the abyss and seen only the futility of his quest. His one lifeline has been Scandal Savage, but will she be enough to stop his descent – or has the obsession taken over Bane again?

The Secret Six,who is recently back from Hell, first order of business is to save Liana from a crazy murderer who feels he is doing God's work. Once the team returns to the House of Secrets, Scandal decides that even if they're dammed they should be aloud to be happy alive, so she orders Bane to go on a date with Spencer, which end in Bane killing some men to protect his date. Scandal also makes amends with Ragdoll and realizes she now has a decision to make, Knockout or Liana.

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Date Night. 0

Don't let the title decieve you there are no chainsaws (I do like the titles though) and the cover Bane is in it as a major character for 6 pages but this might just be my favorite issue. Story. Liana's story from the preivious arc is complete and Bane goes on a date a very funny one and the last page of his story is pretty funny. Some great diologue for Bane & the Six. Liana is a really interesting I mean at the end of her part I'm kind of left wondering what is the thing that the one guy i...

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The Softer Side of a Killer 0

As you probably already know, this issue's claim to fame is the depiction of Bane on a date. Frankly, while it's an interesting novelty and written well by Gail Simone, it's only a fleeting aspect in this comic and not enough to hold my interest. The issue is largely concerned with the members of the Six taking stock of where they are. For a lapsed reader, much of the introspection was lost on me. I'm not a Scandal Savage fan, so watching her fight internal demons when the cover promised a Bane-...

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