mtharman's Secret Six #31 - The Darkest House, Part One of Three: In Every Dream a Nightmare review

Just realizing that there are eight member within the Secret Six.

Exclusively Boy Bands, Saltless Pretzels, and Virgin Serial Killers Wanted for a Light Buffet, what better way would I know of to describe Hell?


Ever since I began reading Secret Six, I found that my most favorite member would be King Shark because of how I find him to be the most different from the group and somehow properly fits right in.

Secret Six has always caught my interest for the most unique ways that’s hardly found within comics, and this issue alone does have something very unique and crafty about it. Fact that it’s another series starring a group of villains, but taking the audience on a different route from what we would naturally see within other issues like Thunderbolts and the original series of the Secret Six. I really love how Gail Simone is presenting the Secret Six within her successful and colorful of this new series. It’s quite interesting to see when your looking at a batch of serious villain-like types that show more interactions with each other that are both serious and comical. One character that I quickly latched onto within this series (which was surprising for me) was King Shark (Biting and Chewing). For some reason I felt that King Shark was one character that really stood out the most in a different way and displays characteristics that’s more different from everybody else within the Secret Six, but the real reason why I would admire Simone’s storytelling is how she managed to fit a bloodthirsty villain like King Shark into her colorful group. For me and my outlook on comics, that’s some serious creativity for a writer.

Secret Six #31 is a must have, mostly if your into DC comics or if you’ve been following the Secret Six issues all along. Within this issue, you’re taken onto two stories within this three-part event that is bound to interact with each other later on. If you’ve been following the Secret Six, you’ll remember the Get Out of Hell Free card and now Scandal Savage must use it to get her former love Knockout out of hell once and for all. But as dedicated Scandal is to finally use the card, there tends to be a major problem stopping her from saving her love from the depths of hell. Elsewhere, Scandals current lover Liana seems to be going through a major situation herself. So with what’s said about the first-part of The Darkest House, you can see how serious this short event may turn out for both Scandal Savage and the Secret Six.

For this issue, I give it a 4 ½ stars for it’s unique display of showing something serious and comical at the same time. I personally find this series very unique and highly recommended for mostly DC fans and those who are following the Secret Six.


Thankyou for reading and HAIL COBRA!!!!    
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Posted by B'Town

Hello Mr. Harman,  
I haven't read my issue yet.  I can't wait, I'm so excited that Simone is finally giving us the goods on the Get our of Hell Free Card.   
Of course King Shark rocks, and of course only Simone could make the Shark a character we'd want to read.  She can take the absurd and make it insanely fun.  Ragdoll is beautiful creepy joy in Gails creative hands.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall of her mind for just fifteen minutes of her writing Secret Six, now that would be a fun ride.  Hahahah.
GET OUT OF HELL FREE!!!  I want Knockout back but I don't see that happening it would be too darn predictable.    I'm up for whatever Simone delivers.  Besides I never really believed Knockout was dead dead.  Dead maybe, but not dead dead.  Heh.  Where was she in Blackest Night?  Hmm.  Not dead... my guess.   

I have to wait for my big box of fun to arrive from Things From Another World.   

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