fhiz's Secret Six #31 - The Darkest House, Part One of Three: In Every Dream a Nightmare review

The Secret 666!

After two months of cross overs that left some wanting, Secret Six returns to form, and then some in a single issue. 

The Good

One thing that I've always admired about Gail Simone's writing is her ability to write characters so well. Here, we see the lovable Ragdoll flip his shit and take a disturbing/scary/awesome turn. But! None of this is to be unexpected. Two arcs ago in Cats in the Cradle, we see Ragdoll stand up for himself, threatening Deadshot after he made a wisecrack. So Ragdoll's turn here against Scandal Savage was not in the least bit random or unexpected. Seeing "clues" to the character development like this is really what I enjoy in comics, especially in characters I can't wait to read each month. Also, all your standard Secret Six dark humor is here, with Deadshot's one liners and Catman's ruthlessness. 

The Bad

Almost nothing, but in all honesty... how many arcs are we going to get where it's just the team fighting each other? I get dysfunction, buuuuut... 

The Verdict

Secret Six remains one of the most consistently awesome books DC puts out month to month, and they know it too. You think the reaction to Doom Patrol and REBELS getting canned was bad? It would be dwarfed by the reaction of Secret Six ever (god forbid) getting cancelled. If you've been hearing praise for this book month in and month out, do some light research into the cast of characters, pick up this issue, fall in love with it, then pick up all the trades and absolutely love each page of them. I command it!

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