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Where have all the forgotten heroes and villains of the DCU been? The Six are blackmailed by someone claiming to be their old boss, Mockingbird, into a brand-new mission taking them into the heart of the metahuman slave trade! And former Wonder Woman Artemis returns in the most brutal Secret Six story yet! Find out why Wizard Magazine says, "If you're not reading this book, you should be."

Two Months Ago... Mr. Smyth, Emil and Giuana go to the slave mines to deal with a slave named Mina, who refuses to work. Mr. Smyth orders all of Mina's co-workers killed until Mina agrees to work again. He then leaves the mines with the parting order for Mina to bury her dead co-workers.

Later, in the House of Secrets... Bane has a nightmare and when he wakes up he finds Scandel Savage in his bathroom holding his Venom. She convinces him that he does not need the Venom and that she will help him kick his habit.

Later, on the Cliff's of Moher, Ireland... Deadshot and Jeannette await their next employer, Mr. Smyth, who claims to work for Mockingbird. After an odd interview Mr. Smyth gives the Secret Six a job to protect an artifact he is transporting.

Twelve hours later, aboard Mr. Smyth's plane... The Secret Six, along with Emil and Giuana are transporting Mr. Smyth's artifact when the plane is shot down, by some rebel fighters. The Six are able to fight off the rebels just in time for Mr. Smyth to arrive with Artemis in chains. Unknown to the Six, Mr Smyth also has Mina with him, and he has told her if she can make it to the fence she is free from slavery. Mr. Smyth orders Deadshot to shot Mina, which he does. The Six then learns that Mina was a slave, not rebel fighter. This is when Mr. Smyth informs the Six they are on Devil's Island where they truly belong.

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