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This issue features reprints of the secret origins of Superman, Batman & the Flash. Also included in this issue is the first battle between the Golden Age Hawkman and the Gentleman Ghost.

Realising that the planet Krypton is about to self implode, leading scientist Jor-El builds a spaceship to carry his infant son to the safety of another planet. The rocket lands on Earth in a rural American location, and is discovered by childless couple Jonathan and Martha Kent. To the amazement of the couple, they find a healthy looking infant inside, and adopt him as their own. It soon becomes apparent that there is something special about this child - the Earth's yellow sun meaning he has Super-powers on his adopted planet. As he grows to a man, the astounding feats he can achieve include; Leaping a tall building in a single bound, outracing a locomotive and being unfazed by bullets. Is it any wonder he becomes known as...SUPERMAN?

When a lightning bolt crashes through the laboratory window of police scientist Barry Allen and douses him with a mixture of chemicals, the pedestrian policeman becomes the fastest man alive, the FLASH! Late as usual for a date with his girlfriend Iris West, Barry decides he had better get a move on and starts to run. However, he goes at a pace he didn't anticipate and it is then he realises that the freak accident has given him amazing speed. Vowing to fight crime with his new found powers, Barry designs himself a costume which expands from his signet ring as it comes into contact with the air. Being a scientist has some advantages, you know!

When a young Bruce Wayne sees his parents gunned down in front of his eyes after an evening at the theatre, he vows there and then to dedicate his entire life to avenging their deaths. Spending his formative years training his body to the utmost physical fitness and his mind to the sharpest of levels, the day comes when Wayne is ready to embark upon his crusade against crime. But first he needs a sign - something that will strike fear into the lives of superstitious criminals. At that moment, a bat flies through the window. Taking that to be the sign he is looking for, Bruce Wayne becomes...BATMAN!

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