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The Skrulls are coming for Asgard, and they’ve got the gods in their sights! But it’s not just the pantheon who stand to suffer the repercussions of the aliens’ secret invasion -- the citizens of small-town Broxton, Oklahoma are about to become collateral damage in the attack…and the God of Thunder must defend two cites at once! For a job this big, Thor will have to turn to one of his oldest and closest allies…Beta Ray Bill!

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Thorland 0

 You know, i was never really a big Beta Ray Bill fan. Even in his hey day during the Walt Siminson years. The character just never connected with me. So I was not exactly thrilled when in a title entitled Thor, I saw the real Thor hand off his hammer to the alien creature.  I hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come, because I actually enjoyed the Asgardian ass kicking going on in this book.  It was a cool chapter one, to what looks to be quite an intriguing story. So while I do have my re...

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Thor rocks the Secret Invasion. 0

Beta Ray Bill lands in Asgard telling them that the skrulls are on their way.  Loki tells all the Agardians that Bill is a skrull.  They tell him why should they trust a woman that use to be a man.  The next scene you see are the Asgardians hitting Balder the Brave.  Thor arrives and tells them to stop attacking Balder and worry about the skrulls.  Elwhere a woman is giving birth and she needs Donald Blake.  Little does she know he's actually Thor god of Thunder.  She here's a boom and the skrul...

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