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Bad Illuminate

 Having been given the reigns of the entire Avengers franchise, Norman Osbourne calls a meeting of the leaders of the Underworld. Sort of an evil Illuminate. What I liked about this is that for both the good and bad Illuminate Namor was invited. He also has a pretty good plan, and is kept in character for him. Over all the book is a good set up for Dark Reign, it is basically a talking heads book ( not the band, but lots of dialogue.) Either way, it is recommended for those who hadn't already picked it up.


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    Dark Reign is here! 0

    It starts off with Emma Frost having a nightmare of Kitty Pride calling out for help, but she can't find her. She wakes up to a Thunderbolt Agent giving her a message from Norman Osborn. She travels to Avengers Tower and to the Sub-Basement where Dr. Doom is sitting across a table. He tells her not to try to enter his mind or she will feel his wrath. Namor shows up followed by the Hood who suddenly appears on the table. He aims a gun at Emma for trying to enter his head, but she forced him to ai...

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