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EMBRACE CHANGE! With these words, the Skrulls have made their intentions clear but not everyone thinks they sound all that bad. Which heroes and icons are hell-bent on defending the Earth from the invasion, and who thinks a new era has dawned for mankind? The final double-page spread of this issue will send chills down your spine, and that is a promise!!







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I don't know why'd you give this a two... but.... 0

You know why this gets 4 stars? Yu's splash pages.... numerous one, a couple are two pages long. Amazing attention to detail. He has become my favorite artist, hands down. there's not too much I can say about the writing, I enjoyed it, but would rather re-read everything after this arc is completely over. In all honesty the idea the story portrays is really interesting to me, but the story itself isn't. This issue picked up the slack a little bit, but I'm still a little disappointed. Both Final ...

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Secret Invasion 6 0

Probably my least favourite issue of this mini-series to date.  I have to say that I've genuinely enjoyed Secret Invasion, but then I'm a big fan of both Bendis and Yu.  This issue felt a little like a 'holder', with the writer lining up things in place for, perhaps, a big finish.  There's more stuff from the Skrulls addressing mankind and all the heroes are gathering in New York for one big, bad fight.  On that latter point, I sincerely hope issue 7 isn't just one big battle - I always find tho...

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Secret Invasion #6 0

This by far has been a great mini-series, a billion times better than Final Crisis. From the start of this issue Bendis sets the stage for one of most missed marvel moments of all time, Avengers assemble!! With stunning art work from Yu, its the best company wide mini out there. Just like previous Marvel minis like House of M, Civil War and Infinity Gauntlet has a story been this exellent! Charicters don't disapoint either, like the new Captain America who stands his ground in the face of skepti...

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