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Accusations made in this...

Within the first 2 pages of Secret Invasion #1 i can see that (write to me to find out) is a skrull and i can justify my reasoning for this, The writing combined with the artwork gives it away in one frame and it would explain irrational and uncharacteristic behaviour in a prvious story arc.

Other than this i think Bendis' writing is excellent. I think that this "subtle as a brick" approach to this issue compensates for the apparent clues about the Invasion that lie in previous issues of other titles because for the life of me i can't decipher any hint of who may be a skrull at all in The New Avengers #1, not even in the directors cut. All in all i love the idea of the invasion. I'm especially captivated by the thought of anybody anywhere being a skrull and i think this is an excellent story arc for the universe. This one issue of secret invasion is responsable for my hours of time spent reading through old issues on the hunt for clues and endless conversations with the guys in the 2 comic book stores i visit about who is a skrull, and more interestingly, why do people think they are ?

I think the artwork is a bit tactless in the way it plays along side the books dialogue and shys away from detail and consistency people like to see in images. But the ending of this issue is enough to make everybody get y of Secret Invasion #2 to see how/if the situation in the savage land resolves.


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    Why, you ask? Brian Micheal Bendis has been a great hit into the Marvel Universe. He's changed this world from House of M to now the Secret Invasion. This story is so awesome and jaw dropping. I loved that here in this one issue shows a little bit from every tie-in that will come to be. And the cliffhanger, Oh My God! (Poor Reed). Now a new question arrises: These people that are geting out of the Skrull spaceship the real thing? The only problem I have is Yu's art. Not a very big fan of it but ...

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