Creat Your Own "Secret Defenders" Team!

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I've always been fascinated with the Secret Defenders. It truly was interesting to see Dr. Stephen Strange randomly pick heroes (or villains) to tackle the most bizarre and dangerous super cases in the universe. If you had the choice to set up your own Secret Defender teams, what would they consist of? It's my estimation that the Marvel Big Brains should have done stories that showcased more lesser-known heroes. Here are my personal lineups (all of which lead by Doc Strange himself):
1st Team:
- Psylocke
- Atlas (Erik Josten) 
- The Black Knight 
- Amadeus Cho
2nd Team:
- Nick Fury
- Toxin
- Nightwatch
- Songbird
3rd Team: 
- Storm
- Diamondback
- Ms. Marvel
- The Thing
4th Team:
- Hercules
- Blazing Skull
- Jubilee
5th Team:
- Rogue
- Dominic Fortune
- Invisible Woman
- Sabretooth 
6th Team: 
- Baron Zemo
- Cardinal
- Juggernaut
- Franklin Richards
Who would be YOUR ideal Secret Defender lineups?

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And one more team for good measure!
- Ares
- Mystique
- Black Panther

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My dream "Secret Defenders" lineup is: -- Chance -- Solo --Venom (Flash Thompson version) --Iron Man (Rhodey Rhodes version)

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Oh! Another one! My other dream "Secret Defenders" lineup is: --Kristoff Vernard (pre-stasis from FF #352) -- Prowler --Falcon (post-cold blooded murder at the Grand Canyon in Cap 605) -- Gambit's doppelganger (the one Nomad fought in Nomad No. 7, the Infinity War crossover)

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Neat additions you have there, Max. Especially the Gambit Doppelganger!

Here's some more I've conjured up (along with a few improvements on past ideas I created):

- Cyclops, Hogun the Grimm, Jolt, and Nightwatch

- An all-female Secret Defenders! Storm, Ms. Marvel, Crystal, and Electra

- Secret Defenders...of Evil! Mr. Sinister, Baron Mordo, Deathwatch, and Tusk

- Halfsies (half heroes, half villains): Doc Samson, Cable, the Mandarin, and Medusa

- Solo, Lockheed, Polaris, Beta Ray Bill

- Battlestar, Ultra Girl, Ghost Rider

- Hyperion, Bengal, Bishop

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Once more...with feeling!

The international Secret Defenders:

- Moon Knight (USA), Go Go Tomago (Japan), Captain Britain (Great Britain), Ursa Major (Russia)

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An all Vampire incarnation




Dunno what situation would warrant the "heroic" vampires and Dracula joining forces but it would involve the vampire wannabe Blackout as their enemy.

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