What? Someone's Saying "I Am A Secret Avenger"

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Recently we've seen a bunch of promos from Marvel with characters telling us that they're going to be Avengers.  We've seen Bucky, Spider-Woman, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Thor confirmed as Avengers in the upcoming May relaunch by Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.  Today Marvel takes a slightly different direction. 

Say it with me, "Whaaaaaat?!?"  Yes, we will have more than just one Avengers title (along with Avengers Academy).  This opens up a new can of worms.  What is this "Secret Avengers" team all about?  Last time we saw a team sort of go by this name, it was Cap's team during Civil War.  That team pretty much evolved into the New Avengers.  If the Heroic Age is coming and the good guys are back in the spotlight, why would there be a need for a team of "Secret" Avengers?   
Maybe this will be more of a black ops team like the Ultimate Avengers.  I doubt it'd be any remaining Dark Avengers trying to do either good or bad without the public knowing it.  Maybe this team will have to hunt down any remaining characters that are still loyal to Norman Osborn.   
Actually the big question should be, who the heck is this shadowy person?  We know Marvel likes to play the shadow game, as seen in the recent Ultimate X teasers.  The pose looks a little like something Spider-Man would do but the arm in the back looks a little too thick.  Also the back looks a little weird in the shadow.  Is that a cape maybe?  Who do you think it could be?  Secret Avengers will be out in May and brought to us courtesy of Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato.  
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BEAST .... i called it

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looks like venom.

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Well...it's a very Spider-Man-esque post, but it looks too beefy to be Spider-Man. Venom?

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It kinda reminds me of the sentry cape and what not.
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@Chaos Burn said:
"BEAST .... i called it "
Actually...I can see it. Good call!
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since the dude in pic is clearly agile and implied smart via the text it has to be beast really lol , although that poistion is classic spidey

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yep, think for Beast. Just look at that giant hands

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Has former members of the Dark Avengers picked  up the name? 
HEY!!! That could be Dark Beast.  
Maybe not...
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It's gotta be Beast coz of the quote... and HE WAS IN THE HEROIC AGE PICTURE,,, go look it up

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It's Spider-Man he has shoes on so its not Beast and dats a Spider-man like crouch

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@Midnightist: But that GIANT left hand... Spider-Man has tiny ones :D
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@timrothsays: bad art lol
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@Midnightist: If that's really SM... Gross...
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@Chaos Burn:
i dont think the heroic age picture matters when it comes to the avengers promos coming out, i could be wrong tho.  
I thought it was venom at first and i like the toxin guess but i would have to say it is Beast, altho i would think the secret avengers would be like a black ops team (like x-force). and seeing as how beast probably left the x-men because he disapproves of the x force i cant see him going to that team. 
FInal decision it is Beast and im wrong about what the team will be for
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Black Panter?

#17 Posted by Chaos Burn (1882 posts) - - Show Bio
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@timrothsays: probably Deodato art
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I think Beast would focus on the problem not the solution. I think it is either Venom or Toxin. Due to the Spider Man like crouch and the bulky build. 

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@sam_U_rai said:
" Black Panter? "
Hmmmm.... maybe. Good call.
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If bru wasn't writing this, it'd be a definite pass. As it is it's a probable pass. 
The figure looks reptilian to me.

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since when did beast get all his fingers back? didn't he loose a few when he turned into a cat?

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Now this interests me. 
I was considering adding Avengers to my subscription, simply cause, ya know, it's the Avengers. But with Bendis writing and Romita Jr (who CAN be very good, but sometimes not so good...) on the art, I was hesitant... 
But Secret Avengers? Ed Brubaker? Mike Deodato? Yes, please. 
Still... Depends entirely on the roster, really...

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focus on the solution (anti-venom, the cure) not the problem (venom, the poison)

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@Chane said:

"If bru wasn't writing this, it'd be a definite pass. As it is it's a probable pass.  The figure looks reptilian to me. "

I was thinkin the reptilian angle as well....Lizard an Avenger? 

The Shroud.....or Cloak both drawn badly :P.......or Franckencastle
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@Chaos Burn said:
" BEAST .... i called it "
and a good call that is. I could for sure see that its beast. but i think the real news here is ed burbaker and mike deodato are writing this series!!! I was so unhappy hearing that JRJR is doing the avengers title and that news just got me back to being very happy and excited! sweet!
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I'd rather see Mike Deodato do the regular Avengers!!
#30 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19148 posts) - - Show Bio

The Lizard

#31 Posted by G'bandit (13664 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah is Beast

#32 Posted by Vance Astro (89627 posts) - - Show Bio

They need to stop letting JRJR do the art for epic comics.He's not that good.

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I thought they'd refer to them as Dark Avengers, but Secret Avengers works.  
Brubaker + Deodato = Win. I'm in.

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Checking ... .... .... ok, I'll roll with it. 
Oh, this is so totally going to be a rip-off (no offense) of X-Force.

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if beast is on the team i hope wonder man will be as well. 

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Just to be different.......Hank Pym with a new identity! Actually my first thought was that it might be Spider-Man but I'm kinda hoping the people that said Beast are right.

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I now have no interest in following any Avengers...

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He's too thin for Beast, don't you think? Plus doesn't Beast usually go barefoot (eg toes/claws visible)?
I dunno, I see Spider-Man or Black Panther. It's certainly a good contortionist.

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Since when does Beast sport a cape and boots? I'm going with Black Panther on this one...

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My first thought was Venom, but i can see Beast in that shadow too. In any case, Brubaker's writing, so I'm already excited.

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@Zombielunch said:
" anti-venom?  focus on the solution (anti-venom, the cure) not the problem (venom, the poison) "
interesting idea, it could work
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if it is Beast then they screwed up his hands pretty badly

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Just when I thought I could dump all the Avengers titles after Siege, Marvel reels me back in  : P
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am i the only perve that thinks the middle lump is this dude's package? (and a quite impressive one)

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The Lizard! But it could also be Beast Man...

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Its the monkey dude.  Looks like a cape but the Mighty Joe Young has a trench coat on.  No one saw that.  And he's got big ass hands, but it looks like they have shoes or boots on so it might not be Beast or the Ape.  Who the hell is Ape anyway? Actually looking at it again i don't see a cape at all just a big body so now im totally confused.  No idea who it is.  Never mind.
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@goldenkey: His name's Gorilla Man and he's part of the Agents of Atlas. Atleast I think that's who you're talking about. 
I could see this being Venom but Beast and Gorilla Man are out. Or Deodato got really lazy...
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@danhimself: beast has five fingers in the heroic age poster, could be beast

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