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Warren Ellis pens six standalone tales that plunge the Secret Avengers into a world of underground black-ops insanity they could never have imagined! A forgotten underground metropolis, Yugoslavian bio-terror, a world-threatening bomb from a broken universe, an ancient and terrible threat mined by drug lords, a time-travel adventure to save the team, and a dangerous investigation into the offices of O*N*E - can the Secret Avengers triumph over the hidden horrors of the world? Collecting SECRET AVENGERS #16-21.

Back Blurb

All-out war against an unknown enemy!

Captain America fought on the front lines of World War II against the Axis Powers; his exploits are the stuff of legend. But today, Steve Rogers wages a different kind of war --- in the shadows, against unquantifiable odds and on behalf of citizens unaware their lives hang in the balance.

Through corrupt governments and organized crime, and in research labs and hidden facilities, the Shadow Council furthers its mysterious agenda --- and only Rogers stands in their way!

Joining Rogers on a series of missions impossible are the Secret Avengers: martial artist Shang-Chi; secret agent Sharon Carter; super-spy Black Widow; Beast, a mutant with brains and brawn; super-hero split personality Moon Knight; and the one-man army War Machine.

Their remit? Run the mission. Don't get seen. Save the world.

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