matkrenz's Secret Avengers #6 - Eyes of the Dragon, Part 1 of 5 review

We had some kung-fu fighting.

Issue 6 of the Secret Avengers.


The Story:We start in Shang-Chi home were he is attacked by the Hai-Dai,his fathers former group of combatants.We have a fight and half way trough the Prince of Orphans comes in and hels out Shang-Chi while calling Rogers.It seems that two days earlier Stve called for the Prince after he found an ancient library were the monks were killed and it was the third one in the month.It seems that the Hai-Dai were looking for the "Eyes of the Dragon".It seems that the Eyes are imbued with great magical power to bring back people from the dead,wich means that they resurected Shang-Chi's father.Steve,Black Widow and Shang-Chi are supposed to enter a Hong-Kong musuem and retrive the Eyes.And the Prince of Orphans is on a mission with another member of the Secret Avengers.When they arrive to the Eyes the team realize they are fake and are attacked by the the Altai Mountain Range it seems it's the Shadow Council that half resurrected Shang-Chi's father and need him to be fully resurected. 
The Good:Well I am really liking that in this issue we have more spy oriented action.When I write that I mean that they do some breaking an entering.Also the martial arts in the issue was really well drawn and I understood everything that happened.Also it is great to see Deodato back on art.Also the mysteri surrounding the "Eyes of the Dragon" is pretty cool. 
The Bad:Sometimes the poses of the characters felt really stiff and to me it really took me out of the story. Also this is issue 6 but it is still 3.99,I really hope Marvel will lower the prices sometime in the prices soon enough.
The Verdict:As I sid before this is surely the best Avengers title out of the Heroic Age and it shows.Brubaker has great understanding of all the members and will surely do great things with them in the future.This is obviously the first issue of  a new arc so off course it is a little slow but it does show good promise in terms of progressing the fighting between the two spy teams.This is a buy.

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