dark_noldor's Secret Avengers #36 - Grandfather Clock review

"I'm like Goth Ant-Man"

Issue after issue Remender keeps on showing a solid plot combined with interesting, funny and captivating dialogues, that really make the reader connect and enjoy characters that usually (to me) aren't that good, like Captain Britain and Hawkeye. The toll of the final hour is ringing and there're few heroes left to stop Father's plans to transform the entire humanity into robots, his descendants. Unfortunately this was the last appearence of the "Undead Avengers", but could be that all Captain Britain, Hawkeye and Beast's efforts to retrieve the "Orb of Necromancy" were in vain? Will Clint be able to cross the line and terminate a living being, even a robotic one? Remender uses duality, ambiguous ideas and conflicts a lot, such as the scenes of Captain Britain fighting Torch while struggling with the fact that all that's transpiring (an evil robotic world invasion) may be his heritage ("My father's obsession with artificial intelligence has cost his and my mother's lives. His past tinkering leaves me one more souvenir"), no doubt about Remender's skills with words, he has a way of assembling them and constructing the most crazy and interesting phrases. The same parental conflict is brought up in the series' most antecipated showdown between Venom and (Black) Ant (Evil robot Eric O'Grady), when the last teases Flash by mentioning his father's abuses. The best thing about this issue is Remender's ability to make fun and humor dialogues even when the Secret Avengers' team is on the verge of annihilation, Beast and Spider-Man are hilarious in this issue, that includes Clint too. I would like to highlight also Hank Pym in this issue, especially how Beast interacted with him (perhaps a preview of an "Ultron Protocols"?). Matteo Scalera continues to deliver amazing shots of action, tons of battles, dynamics flowing, in his own cartoonish style, his art is very good and sicen he also does the inks, when the colors are inserted, the final result is really impressive. Perhpas the bad thing here is how the team is splitted, so some characters received different atention, others didn't even show up (at least Venom did a pun about Valkyrie), also this issue felt more like a chapter that's in the middle, in between the beginning and conclusion, then nothing really game changing happened, just the expected. But there were some memorable scenes, and again, with Beast involved, like when he makes a remark about good luck, in a classic Murphy's Law, turns his head and contemplates NY being overriden by Sentinels. Next it the end and it looks quite dire and bitter.


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