dark_noldor's Secret Avengers #35 - Tomorrow Will Rise review

A cloud of nanites

As this book comes near it's conclusion, it appears the Secret Avengers will not be so secret anymore since the Descendants, leaded by Father, are making a very big move against humanity: basically it's the old concept of let us be or suffer the consequences. I really liked how Remender balances comedy, drama and action in this issue: how he started with the Torch's comparision of Pinochio was genious! Remender has a great talent for assigning the right characters to act together: putting Beast, Hawkeye and Captain Britain to fight the undead was a great idea, because there's humor and action. Also, for the first time, I enjoyed seeing Frankencastle. Again, putting Black Widow together with Venom was very interesting, even if only for the jokes. But the leading actor in this issue was definitely the villain: now we fully understand Father's evil plans and their consequences to humanity. Mateo Scalera is a very good artist, a rising star in my opinion (his next stint will be Journey Into Mystery): he has a very cartoonish style, it's true, but his storytelling is magnificent, all his frames are filled with scenarios or something happening, he infuses a lot of action in his art! I highly recommend this book!

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