dark_noldor's Secret Avengers #32 - To Hold a Black Hole review

Who called for a symbionte?

Embrace the Abyss, the darkness that will rule all - that's the mission some of the Secret Avengers' team members are trying to avoid and help their fellow coleagues that were taken by Serpent Crown's powers. This is Remender's second arc story grand finalle (not including AvX) and it's amazing how he pulled elements from Brubaker's first arc story and turned it into a true black ops mission! I really liked a lot the ending in which it's commented that you've saved the world and no one will ever know it! That's the core of this team! Only Remender to put together such an interesting and disfunctional group consisting of Venom, Valkyrie, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man (now a member of the Descendants), Torch (Jim Hammond) and Captain Britain - also only this writer to put them in a mission in a city filled with villains! The concept of Bagallia is awesome! The pace in this issue is very good, not having unnecessary scenes or fights: they're all significant to the conclusion, dialogues too. I think it's great to see Venom as a major player, both Flash and the symbionte deserve it! Matteo Scalera has a cartoonish style that really called my atention in "Valen the Outcast", so I was very pleased to se his art and it fitted perfectly for the story being told. Overall this was a fitting conclusion to this arc story, bringing an end to Max Fury and the Serpent Crown, also establishing some relationships in the team, some bonds. Remender's narrative keeps making me feel great as I pick up this title, also Art Adams' covers are simply amazing! Recommended!

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