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Cold is The Void

I never thought that a team lead but Hawkeye could be so well done. I have to admit Remender is making me take a shining to this C-lister as this dynamite series rolls on. This post AvX arc continues with the same setting that the SA 21.1 dealing with this nation of villains, which I think is an interesting concept to maintain and use later. The story continues with Venom (Flash Thompson) and Ant-man/Black-Ant (Eric O'Grady) being the only two not infected members of the every-growing shadow void infestation. I liked the dialogue they have about Flash and Valkyrie's workplace dealings. This really connects threads that were used in earlier issues and shows the gradual realization of this development. I've been an emerging fan of Remender's work, and he has been continuing the quality writing I expected.

The art by Matteo Scalera is just awesome. I really like his depictions of Venom, Taskmaster, and Vengeance (Kowalski). Some of the later panels of Vengeance are just so cool, I've started to really like his work on these issues. I got a chance to meet him at the Montreal Comicon this year and he was a real approachable and humble guy to talk to. I aslo picked up his sketchbook which had some pretty cool Avengers and and Daredevil concepts that I think are really good.

Overall looking forward to the next few issues of this awesome creative team.

Hopefully somebody got the Protoss reference in my title.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Which issues does this arc feature in?

Posted by Serberus08

In 21.1 Caps and Hawkeye go on a recon mission taking place in this country/area. In the subsequent 22-25 issues Remender develops a story with the Descendants that has a nice cliffhanger tying into the last page of this issue.

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