serberus08's Secret Avengers #30 - Something Wicked This Way Comes review

Remender will not be forgotten

I'm glad that Secret Avengers has kept the same edge and quality of his Venom run, whose departure I am disappointed by. The Taskmaster fight was, in my opinion, absolutely indicative of how his style and powers should be displayed. Throughout this issue I have found more respect for Taskmaster. My favorite line in the issue was when he comments on how Bullseye is the better shot (referencing parts of Dark Reign and Siege fyi). I thought that the banter between Clint and TM was just golden, TM dropping amazing one-liners and Clint trying to keep up with abismal retorts. This issue also furthered the involvement of Vengeance (a character from Ghost rider who is kind of a Punisher of sorts)

The art by Matteo Scalera is consistent and still quite good pooling over from the last issue (still really liking his interpretation of Venom) I thought that his Taskmaster was well done as well.

The only bad thing I have about this issue is that I have to wait a couple of weeks for the subsequent issue(s) to be release. And I do hope that there will at least be two more.

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