serberus08's Secret Avengers #29 - A Council of Masters review

Remember Remender

Rick Remender has just knocked another one out of the park with this issue. Continuing the story prior to the AVX tie-ins this issue follows up a really great deep seated plot that gained depth from Secret Avengers 21.1-25. I think the story writing is well plotted and left a nice cliffhanger at the end. The art by Scalera is quite fitting and I look forward to reading the next issue in a few weeks or so.

Rick Remender has been like Midas towards comics, all that I have read in the last little while has just been absolute gold and it makes me all the more upset that he is going to be off the Venom series, another great read (which I highly recommend looking into) in a month or so.

Posted by Violens

i liked that arcade was at the bar serving drinks, awesome.

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