cronoman66's Secret Avengers #21.1 - Red Light Nation review

Cap and Hawkeye hit the town

Captain America and Hawkeye head to the “Red Light Nation” on a covert operation, what Hawkeye doesn’t know is there’s more going on than a simple mission. Rick Remender signals a new era of the Secret Avengers with a introductory Point One issue.


The theme and overall story of this issue is great. Having Captain America team up with Hawkeye to test his Covert Ops Abilities makes for a cool story. The back and forth dialogue between Cap and Hawkeye has a great pace and natural feel to it. There is some cool moments when they use camouflage units to sneak through the city in disguise.

The art throughout this issue has a consistent level of quality with moments showing off the speed and scale of Cap and Hawkeye’s traversal around the city. Hawkeye’s gear is shown off with particular drama. In particular his arrows that create holes in walls for quick escapes.

When Captain America’s true intentions of this mission are revealed to Hawkeye, it’s a great moment that builds the relationship of the two characters. This character building makes the finale of the issue make for a great conclusion.


Overall the art is pretty inoffensive, it’s of a high quality but feels incredibly bland and doesn’t quite live up to the scenes it’s depicting.

The issue comes to a good conclusion with Hawkeye proving himself to Cap but I still don’t see him as a Covert Ops team leader, and simply saving Cap in the way he does, doesn’t really prove his worth.


Overall a good issue setting up a new team and new arc of Secret Avengers. It doesn’t quite entice me as other introductory issues have done recently put It is a pretty good issue all the same.


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