razzatazz's Secret Avengers #16 - Subland Empire review

Still effective enough at medium range

It is so rare to see a self contained issue these days that this issue deserves some praise just for trying to pull that off.  The fact that it does so in such a compact and sleek manner also makes it deserve some accolades.  The plot is pretty basic and while it does require a bit of knowledge of previous events for the Secret Avengers it mostly just jumps straight into the action .  There is a city which can be used for time travel below the city of Cincinatti and it is up to Beast, Moon Knight, Black Widow and Steve to stop the Shadow Council from using it as a weapon.  As this fits the whole plot within one issue it doesn't waste a lot of time on setup but rather uses  Beast's running commentary to fill in the gaps as the issue progresses.  After the resolution of the plot there is even a quick moment for reflection but the issue reads mostly as it was meant to, as a fun but not really memorable story.  


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