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New start, stylish action! 0

Wow. I had no idea this comic was coming like this. I suppose I should have, seeing as there's a totally new creative team on the book! Anyway, I'm pretty impressed. I've not seen Jamie McKelvie's art before - the colors with it make for a very stark, pale effect, but this comic is very stylish and sharp because of it. And the action is very, very cool. So we have a new direction, and I'm pretty psyched for it. A definite 'yes'!...

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Global Secret Avengers Frequency works! 0

Bringing Warren Ellis in to take the reins of this book and give each issue the done-in-one "Global Frequency" treatment was a BRILLIANT idea.  All the more so if each separate story ties, however loosely, into the greater plot-thread whole, as this one does.  I haven't read much from Warren Ellis in some time and I really missed his unique way of blending mad science, super espionage and witty dialogue.  Beast, as the team's science expert, serves largely in this issue as an exposition machine ...

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Stop being a smart ass Beast. 0

Review for Secret Avengers #16.  The Story: The Shadow Council tries to activate a huge time machine and the Secret Avengers will stop them.  The Good: I doubt Warren Ellis hates superheroes but if anything else he finds them silly and wants to write silly stories with them. And for the first time since the first issue this feels like a spy book, they fight a secret threat, they have weapons used for quick take downs and they fight him huge secret locations. Also Ellis plays with all the basic c...

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Still effective enough at medium range 0

It is so rare to see a self contained issue these days that this issue deserves some praise just for trying to pull that off.  The fact that it does so in such a compact and sleek manner also makes it deserve some accolades.  The plot is pretty basic and while it does require a bit of knowledge of previous events for the Secret Avengers it mostly just jumps straight into the action .  There is a city which can be used for time travel below the city of Cincinatti and it is up to Beast, Moon Knigh...

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That's a Covert Op Team!! 0

After being so disapointed with this title (I had high hopes in Brubaker delivering great stories), I was completely amazed and stunned after reading the Warren Ellis' debut on this short 4 issues run, but totally worthy it, since Ellis managed to imprint what the true idea of covert op and surgically strike team are supposed to be: forget about saving the universe (like the mission on Mars) or dealing with a crazy immortal wanna be (Shang Chi's father), the true core of what this title was mean...

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