matkrenz's Secret Avengers #14 - Fear Itself, Pt. 3: The Valkyrie review

WOW I had no idea the U.S Army let this idiots in.

Secret Avengers #14. 
The Story: Valkyrie joins an army regiment in order to help them fight the nazi mech's. 
The Good: What I liked the most about this issue is that we are given Valkyrie background and we see that she may be tough on the outside and she says she never needs men but she did lose a loved one and seeing her yelling at Odin, telling him that we should honor the dead is simply badass. And I still love Eaton art. 
The Bad: I found it was interesting that we would follow these soldiers taht are a couple but I found the guy in a relation ship was just stupid. He was cracking jokes while being under fire of the nazi mech's, that is stupid. Also him saying that this attack isn't worst then the Skrull attack. Really ? Because from what I understand of Secret INvasion is that the final attack was in New York while this is on a GLOBAL SCALE, this is much worse than Skrulls imposters, now we have heroes and villains that have ill defined powers given by magic hammers and rampaging around (nothing new for the Hulk tough). 
The Verdict: I found Valkyrie's backstory to be the most interesting thing about this issue but it is taken down a notch by a really stupid male soldier. This is a buy.

Posted by B'Town

This Valkyrie cover is beautiful too bad they had to put such a wide title band across the top, it take away from the art.

This looks good, I'm looking forward to my issue. Thanks for the review.

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