matkrenz's Secret Avengers #12.1 - Fear Itself, Pt. 1: The Captain review

We finally meet .1 issue.

Issue #12.1 of Secret Avengers with Nick Spencer writing.


The Story: A guy pretending being U.S.Agent cause's "Wikileaks" and reveals all of the Secret Avengers informants and they have to save an A.I.M member.


The Good: I am suprised by Nick Spencer,he has an excellent grasp on all the characters and each have a good scene.The banter between Eric and Jim was extremely good and I am happy they are the comedie duo of this series.Valkyrie still proves she is a badass by killing a bunch of A.I.M agents,Natasha seducing an A.I.M contractor but not falling into the cliché,Moon Knight taking out some more A.I.M agents and Steve beating the crap out of the U.S.Agent faker and giving a really good speech about why he's doing the things he does.The "Wikileaks" angle to this story is very well handled and the first time I read I had no idea it was about it.Also Mr.Negativeis in this issue getting some gauntlets from some inventor and in my favorite line of the issue he says he stole the plans from some kid in L.A.And if you don't know who that kid is it's Chase Stein from the Runaways,my team.Oh and Mr.Negative will hopefully go against the team on Nick Spencer's stint on SA.And I loved Eaton art's just fits so well with the story and the mood.Also it's cool seeing the SECRET AVENGERS some spy stuff.


The Bad: Beast and Sharon don't do much in the issue.


The Verdict: This is a pretty good .1 issue that establishes what the team is about,shows the personality of each character except for Beast and Sharon,sets up some possible conflict with Mr.Negative that is complimented with really good art.If you want to read Secret Avengers get this issue.

Posted by JonesDeini

Spencer's probably my fav writer right now and he mosdef knows how to handle a team. I look forward to checking this out. Somehow this slipped under my radar. 

Posted by MatKrenz
Well I need to check out the trades for all of his different series but your right if this is how he's going to write the Sa then im happy.And then we get Warren Ellis so we can forget about him just as fast.    
Posted by JonesDeini
Whoa?! I LOVE Ellis, he should thrive on a title like this. Maybe I'll pick this back up again. I've dropped A LOT of series lately so I got some wiggle room in the wallet. And yeah, definitely check out the first trade of Morning Glories, you'll be hooked man. And T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents is amazing. Not to mention his miniseries Infinite Vacation, this guy has the goods. The only time he's ever dropped the ball was the last issue of Iron Man 2.0 and I blame that on having to rush into Fear itself and abandon the narrative he was crafting. Editorial dictates...ruining a comic near you!!!
Posted by JonesDeini

My only complaint about this issue is that Sharon did and said nathan and Moonknight was still a piece of furniture. A piece of furniture that punches people, but furniture nonetheless. Writers better find something interesting to do with him in this title or give up the ghost and let Bendis destroy him in his latest soon to be cancelled ongoing. I have to applaud Bendis for successfully pulling off a "ripped from the headlines" story without being hokey or overbearing and ham-fisted. Cap's monologue at the end shows's some true character growth. While some may not like him moving toward the gray, it's a logical evolution for his character, especially considering the nature of his current work.  

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