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We finally meet .1 issue. 0

Issue #12.1 of Secret Avengers with Nick Spencer writing.   The Story: A guy pretending being U.S.Agent cause's "Wikileaks" and reveals all of the Secret Avengers informants and they have to save an A.I.M member.   The Good: I am suprised by Nick Spencer,he has an excellent grasp on all the characters and each have a good scene.The banter between Eric and Jim was extremely good and I am happy they are the comedie duo of this series.Valkyrie still proves she is a badass by killing a bunch of A.I....

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Snitches Catch Stitches 0

Someones leaked the name of every confidential informant the government has in every criminal Organization in the Marvel U  The Good Scott Eaton turns in some really solid artwork here and I can definitely see it growing on me in the future. He's not in Deodato's class yet, but given time, I'm sure he'll win us all over. I think he'd have a stronger showing had he been given more dynamic sequences. He definitely makes the most of the one's he gets though. Valkyrie doesn't get any dialog but she ...

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Shades of Gray 0

I had dubious feelings as reading this issue, because what concerns the fact of this Point One initiative I think this issue really did well, introducing the new creative team, delivering a self contained story that truly captures what this team should be about, but in the other hand I really didn´t like the execution of the story too much, regarding the dialogues (Ant Man explaining the old joke to War Machine was a horrible line), the motives of the characters - this is especially about U.S. A...

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It'll have to do 0

In terms of this series thus far, this issue really stands above the rest of them and by a substantial margin.  A top secret list of informants has been leaked and they are starting to turn up dead in an awfully fast hurry.  Knowing that he can't save them all, Steve makes the decision to save one.  The planning and execution of this mission is perfect save for one small (yet fatal) flaw.  In itself this issue would have had a lot of weight except for what came next.  In an indeterminate amount ...

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Thirty pieces of Silver? 0

By far one of the most interesting .1 issues released by Marvel, Secret Avengers 12.1 presents a thought provoking self-contained tale of espionage and morals that deals with many lingering discrepancies between Steve Rogers' political stance before and after the Civil War.  In crafting this tale guest writer Nick Spencer also provides a rare insight into the impacts of espionage that are often glossed over by writers, whereby every action has definite ramifications for the civilian population. ...

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