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Elements of several stories are the foundation of Second Coming. Here is a basic breakdown of the first two chapters of the 'Messiah Trilogy'.

Messiah Complex

Hope Summers: Saviour or anti-christ?

The first installment in the planned "Messiah" trilogy X-Crossover, the wheels for "Messiah War" were first set in motion here. It is here that the pivitol character, Hope Summers, was born. There, we learned that two time travelling mutants, both members of the X-Men, Bishop and Cable, wanted the baby for different reasons: Cable hoping to protect her while Bishop is trying to kill her. At the end of "Messiah Complex", Cable was entrusted with the baby by Cyclops, and he set out into the future, not knowing Bishop was hot on his tail.

See "Messiah Complex" for more information on the events of this previous crossover.

Messiah War

Messiah War

Although X-Force was meant to have been disbanded after the Messiah CompleX, Cyclops reformed them and sent them after some of mutantkind's most deadly enemies. However, left behind in the present day he began to worry about Cable & the baby. Cyclops had expected Cable's time travel to be instant; for his quick return with the baby. Therefore he asked Beast to locate where in the future Cable & the baby were. Beast was able to create small portable time travelling devices, but prolonged use meant that the user's body would be begin to deteriorate & die. Cyclops had each member of X-Force equipped with a time travel device, so they could be transported into the future the instant that Beast located Cable.

X-Force arrived in New York, over a thousand years in the future. They soon realized that they were stuck in the future, because an external force trapped them there. They quickly managed to locate Cable, but discovered that several years had already passed for Cable; the baby had grown into a young girl called Hope. Not only were Cable & Hope forced to travel further & further into the future to escape Bishop, but they had become embroiled in a conflict with Stryfe who had dominated humankind. Bishop had formed a tentative partnership with Stryfe, but refused to reveal the nature of his mission to kill Hope.

During an early confrontation, Hope was injured in battle. Elixir used his powers to heal her, but through doing so he learned the truth about Hope. However, Archangel suddenly flew off to pursue what seemed like his own agenda. Soon after, Hope & Warpath were kidnapped by Stryfe's forces. Despite being tortured, Warpath refused to reveal the secrets about Hope. Yet Stryfe was still a powerful telepath & was eventually able to learn how Hope was seen as a new saviour for mutantkind. By removing his helmet, he was able to fool Hope into believing that he was Cable (his genetic twin).

Forced to work with a severely aged Deadpool, X-Force & Cable began to attack Stryfe, save Hope & search for the cause of the chronal disruptor. Able to take Stryfe by surprise, they weren't able to defeat him. Stryfe was able to force his enemies to attack each other. He was only defeated by the appearance of Apocalypse, his adopted father. Archangel had found Apocalypse's dying body, and used the ancient mutant's technology to restore his strength. Apocalypse claimed Hope as his next successor, but Archangel demanded her return as payment for sparing Apocalypse's life.

Ultimately, Hope was returned to Cable and Stryfe was dragged away kicking & screaming by Apocalypse. Domino was forced to kill Kiden Nixon, who Stryfe had used to disrupt all time travel devices. However, Beast's time machines had already taken their toll on their bodies, and subsequent events forced Elixir to push his abilities to their limit. Left exhausted in an coma, Elixir was unable to reveal what he knew about Hope's true identity.

Second Coming

Chapter One

Hope and Cable return to the present, only to find The Xavier Institute in ruins. In Utopia, Cyclops states that with Selene's attack, only 181 mutants are left on the planet. Mutantkind can't bear any more deaths. The Cuckoos warn Scott that Cerebra picked a new mutant signature: Cable. Cyclops is sure that Hope is with him. He sends Vanisher and Domino to San Franciso to wait for orders. He tells Rogue and Namor to stay and cover Utopia in case of attack. He puts the New Mutants in a holding pattern over the midwest aboard the Blackbird. And finally, he assembles his Alpha Roster [ Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Psylocke, X-23 and Angel ] and have Magik join them. Meanwhile, The Right soldiers attack Cable and Hope, without


success. The Sapien League arrive at the scene and start chasing Cable and Hope. Cyclops and his Alpha Roster teleport to Winchester, but everyone is already gone. Scott emphasizes that nothing and no one is more important than Hope, and orders the X-Men to find her and bring her back to Utopia. Magik teleports the Alpha Roster right above the Sapien League's vans. The X-Men manage to beat them, and Wolverine asks one of them how are they tracking Cable and Hope. X-23 kills another one of them in cold blood to force the other to speak. Nightcrawler is outraged by Laura's killing. Psylocke is upset as she realizes Wolverine, X-23 and Angel are keeping something from the rest of them (During the story, the X-Force members imply they already know who are all those villains. Betsy, Kurt and Peter keep asking who are they, but the X-Forcers don't give them an answer.) Nightcrawler accuses Wolverine and Cyclops of knowing what this is all about. In Washington, Bastion gathers his human council and orders Stryker, Bolivar Trask, Steven Lang, Cameron Hodge and Graydon Creed to kill the girl.

Chapter Two

Cable and Hope keep running away until they reach a market, where they get all the food they can get. Meanwhile Wolverine reveals X-Force's existence to the rest of the X-Men, which leaves Nightcrawler outraged. The Alpha Team contacts Cyclops via telepathy, and Scott tells Kurt not to question his leadership while the girl is not safe yet. Cyclops then orders Cypher to gather all the info he can get, and Doug ends up finding out about the market. Bastion tracks Cable's TO virus and sends Stryker and his Purifiers to kill Hope. Doug once again finds Cable and Hope's location at a hotel, and Cyclops tells the Alpha Team to follow them. The X-Men finally find Cable and Hope fighting with the Purifiers, while Cyclops sends the New Mutants to St. Louis in order to shut down Cameron Hodge's facility where he produces his anti-mutant weaponry.

Chapter Three

The Purifiers somehow send Magik to Limbo through magic. They later target Nightcrawler, taking him out as well. The Alpha Team gains the upper hand, and Stryker calls Hodge for reinforcements, while Cable and Hope get in a car and run away. Doug intercepts Stryker's message, and Cyclops orders the New Mutants to not let Hodge send his team to help the Purifiers. Sam and his team engage Hodge's Smiley soldiers, with Karma doing the most damage. Hodge leaves his human body into the machine body and attacks them.

Karma's leg is mutilated

Meanwhile, Wolverine tells Warren to finish the Purifiers as fast as he can. Warren becomes Archangel and kills each one of them. He then cuts Stryker's body in half using his wings. Nightcrawler and Psylocke are shocked by what they see. The Purifiers are down, and Scott sends Ariel to the Alpha team as the new prime teleporter. With Cable and Hope still on the run, Rogue in Utopia's VR Prison feels somehow connected to her. She goes to talk to Scott, as Donald Pierce devilish smiles. Back at Hodge's facility, Karma tries to control him from a distance. He finds her and has two giant spikes cut off her left leg.

Chapter Four

At the headquarters of the Right, Hodge rips Karma's leg. Cypher realizes they're all going to die and convinces Warlock to hold up his end. Meanwhile, Cyclops sends Rogue to help Alpha Team track Hope, even though Emma can't detect any psychic or empathic link between them. Wolverine tells Nightcrawler to teleport Rogue in Hope's direction, while the rest of the team will be following them: Angel flying; Logan, X-23 and Ariel in one car; and Colossus and Psylocke in another car. Back at Utopia, Pierce shuts down Cerebra. At the Right's HQ, Warlocke takes the life-force of Hodge and all his soldiers, killing all of them. The New Mutants then tells Emma how Bastion is tracking Cable and Hope. A fighter jet is sent to deal with the Alpha Team. It fires a missile, which hits their first car. Logan and X-23 will heal, Ariel won't. She dies. In Nebraska, the Alpha Team finally reaches Cable and Hope and warns him about how they are tracking them. Cable realizes Hope will only be safe away from him. Rogue (with all their powers) and Kurt set off to escort Hope back to Utopia while Cable and Alpha Team stay behind as a distraction to Bastion.

Chapter Five

The New Mutants warn Cyclops of Bastion's towers, and he orders them to come home. Shortly after, Cyclops loses contact with the Alpha and

Nightcrawler's death

Beta teams. Meanwhile Alpha Team is being attacked by armored soldiers and a jet. Psylocke then uses her TK to send X-23 to the jet so she can take it out. Nightcrawler, Rogue and Hope arrive in Nevada. Kurt is exhausted, but he won't let Rogue borrow his powers as he believes Rogue needs to save her strenght to protect Hope in case something goes wrong. And it goes. Bastion himself suddenly shows up right in front of them. Rogue uses all of her teammates' powers and engages Bastion in a deadly battle. She puts up a good fight, but Bastions gains the upper hand and knocks her out. Bastion comes in Hope's direction.

Bastion says he's seen what the world will become because of her and that he can't allow her to live. Bastion stretches his arm in order to kill Hope, but Nightcrawler teleports right in front of her. Kurt ends up with Bastion's arm through his chest. Rogue witnesses everything in despair. Kurt asks God to strengthen him for one last jump. He lands on the rocks of Utopia and tells Hope that he believes in her, and dies. Later, the Alpha Team returns to Utopia. Colossus wants to get Pixie to rescue Illyana. Betsy notices the look on Emma's and Scott's faces. She asks them "Who?", but Wolverine already knows the answer: "Elf". In Nevada, Bastion repairs himself and tells his followers to prepare for Plan B.

Chapter Six

The X-Men gather round Kurt's body...

Mutants all around Utopia are shocked by Nightcrawler's death, and some of them blame Hope. She can't take the pressure anymore and freaks out. Cyclops talks to her, and the only thing he asks of her is to stay alive. Scott then tells his X-Men he doesn't want Kurt's death to be in vain. He asks Angel to prepare his body and Iceman to put together the religious rites. In the X-Prison, Donald Pierce fools Danger into thinking he's still locked, when in fact he's pretty much free. Bastions orders Pierce to destroy the X-Men's planes. He wants mutants to be stuck in Utopia. Later, Cyclops sends Cannonball's team to rescue Magik in Limbo, and the X-Club to figure out how to bring Bastion's towers down. Meanwhile, in the Sick Bay, Magneto wakes up from his coma and gets to know Hope better. By the time of Kurt's funeral, Beast arrives in the middle of the funeral procession and blames Scott for it. Everybody gathers around Kurt's coffin, as Iceman recites the lyrics of a song. Professor X, Storm, Beast, Colossus, Angel, Emma and Cyclops all remember Kurt with words, while his body is cremated. Wolverine then says he was his best friend and never treated him like an animal. He then warns Hope that she better be worth it.

Chapter Seven

Vanisher is taken out

Vanisher overhears Cyclops and Domino talking about Bastion targeting teleporters. He runs off to his brothel in Portugal, only to end up ambushed by Steven Lang, where he seemingly dies. Bastion tells Donald Pierce that they have taken the final teleporter off the board and orders him to proceed as planned. The X-Club arrive in San Francisco, where they track one of Bastion's towers in a oil rig. In Utopia, Cyclops thanks Beast for staying, however Hank doesn't seem that happy. At the mess hall, Moonstar tells Cable that her team took it rough covering for him and wonders if his new 'hobby' is worth it. Hope takes it personally, and both end up brawling. Cyclops orders them to break it up, however Cable thinks Scott should stop keeping Hope in a bubble, as she makes her own way now. Suddenly, Donald Pierce attacks. He succeeds in destroying the X-Men's jets. Cyclops kills him. Later, Hope tells Cable that she lied when she said she was ready to come back to the present.

Chapter Eight

The Dome is set

The X-Club realize they've been fooled by Bastion and that his plan included them being away from Utopia and San Francisco. With all the teleporters gone and the Blackbird jets destroyed, Bastion begins to surround all of San Francisco, including Utopia, with a impenetrable red dome. Scott orders Iceman, Angel and Psylocke to keep the dome from closing, but it's useless. Namor then finds out that the dome carries on right down to the ocean floor and into it - it's really a sphere. Meanhwile, the X-Club inform the Avengers about Bastion's dome, however not even Thor's hammer works against it. In Utopia, Cable tells Hope that they still have one last time-jump if she wants to give up and return to the future. Despite Hope's doubts, she decides to stay and fight. Cyclops gathers a team of mutants to hit the mainland so as to keep the order and recon. While doing so, they notice a glowing sphere near the Golde Gate bridge. Psylocke realizes this smaller sphere is a portal as she picks up readings through it, not human minds per- se. Suddenly, Nimrods sentinels begin to emerge from it with orders to kill them.

Chapter Nine

Hellion loses his hands

The team takes on the Nimrod horde,the first wave of Nimrods is destroyed, but Bastion gets what he wants: he activates a portal to the Days of Future Past time-line. Cyclops orders Namor, Colossus, Dust, and Rockslide to guard the portal as they are the strongest X-Men he has and to prepare themselves any attack that comes from the portal. Hellion loses both his hands and Iceman ends up with third degree energy burns over 25% of his body. The city is well past panic. Back in Utopia, at the conference room, Beast states to the others that the dome is physically impenetrable and the sphere is connecting their time-line to the one the Nimrods originated from. Prodigy adds that more than 170.000 Nimrods are on their way right now.

Cyclops decides to use Cable's last time-jump to send a team into that future and shut the central A.I. down. He wants Cypher to access the system and rewrite it, and X-Force to protect him. Storm says she's not aware of any X-Force team, and Beast tells Cyclops to tell everyone about the killers he had assembled. Storm says they'll have a lot to talk about if they survive this. Scott then orders Psylocke to get people far away from the sphere, and Rogue to evacuate humans and non-combatants to the Atlantean column. The Cuckoos inform Cyclops of another wave of Sentinels coming from the portal, in which Namor, Dust, Rockslide, and Colossus prepare themselves. As for the rest, everyone who can fight, fights. X-Force, Cable and Cypher jump to the future. Cyclops says they only had one time-jump left: he just killed his son.

Chapter Ten

Hope confronts Cyclops

Hope confronts Cyclops about sending Cable into the future. She tells him that she hates him more than anything for killing her "father" and her eyes begin to glow red. Hope storms off and Cyclops tells Emma that Hope's eyes looked just like his. Meanwhile in San Francisco, outside the dome, The Fantastic Four arrive and begin to analyze the dome. Dr. Nemesis and Iron Man inform us that the dome is "impregnable" nothing can get in or out and the X-Men are going to be killed soon by the Nimrods. The X-Men continue to fend off the Nimrods in the city, meanwhile in the future X-Force realize that all the X-Men, and all mutants, are dead in that future. Cypher informs X-Force that Bastion's forces are sending the strongest Nimrod's to the past and five at a time. Back in the present Cyclops orders Xavier to bring Legion into the fight against the Nimrods and asks Rogue to protect Hope on Utopia. The Avengers, Fantastic Four and the X-Club realize they can't destroy the dome. Dr. Nemesis predicts that everyone inside the dome will be dead in a few hours.

Chapter Eleven

The issue starts with Xavier entering Legion's mind. Xavier asks Legion to join him outside for a moment. Legion is under the impression that is isn't supposed to leave his "room". Xavier reassures Legion that he is not a prisoner on Utopia and that it's okay. Legion asks why they need him. Xavier tells him he needs all the dangerous persona's that live in his psyche. Outside Utopia Cyclops rally's all the remaining mutants and asks them to step up and fight for the survival of mutant kind and he tells them that they're all X-Men that day. Rogue finds Hope crying. Rogue asks if Cable taught her not to cry, Hope tells her that he didn't mind when she cried, but to cry later. Hope tells Rogue she won't stand around and let people die on her behalf and asks Rogue to join her on the battlefield. The X-Men can barely fend off the Nimrods and they realize they're coming faster and faster. Husk, Sunspot, Boom Boom, and Avalanche are sanctioned to fighting off Nimrods in the Bart Tunnels. Colossus' arm is wounded by one of the Nimrods and he tells Cyclops they need more help. In the future X-Force


locates and infiltrates the Master Molds location. Back in the past the Nimrods are ready to destroy Colossus as Legion and Xavier arrive in time to save him. Legion is easily able to destroy groups of Nimrods at once. At that moment Cyclops finally arrives with Psylocke, Iceman, Surge, Gentle, Armor, and Storm . In the future X-Force continues their mission they realize that there are two Master Molds and only one is producing Nimrods. Suddenly though the second Master Mold becomes active, Wolverine tells them they have to worry about both now. Back on Utopia a group of mutants ( Scalphunter, Random, Sack) decide to join and help fight the Nimrods. Toad tells them not go because the Nimrods are no longer attacking Utopia. Suddenly a group of Nimrods appear and murder Sack and blow one of Toad's finger off. In Utopia's infirmary the security alarm goes off Beast decides to leave and fight, Magneto, in a weak state, gets up and tells him to watch the other wounded and he will see to their enemies.

Chapter Twelve

The fight rages on...

Magneto starts fighting, keeping the wave of Nimrods at bay on Utopia. In the future X-Force hits Master Mold hard while Cable and Cypher arrive at Master Mold's "Processing Core". Cypher is found by Master Mold's main intelligence and tells Cypher that he will not be a threat and can easily erase his mind. Back in San Francisco the X-Men fight the Nimrods on the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope and Rogue arrive in time to save the others. Back on Utopia Magneto uses Utopia to destroy the Nimrods by manipulating the iron buried in it's core. Cypher becomes overwhelmed by Master Mold and it seems as though his mind is going to be completely annihilated. Cypher however is able to trace the pattern of numbers Master Mold is using to destroy him and over ride their flow. He is able to over come Master Mold's hold and shuts him down completely. Back in San Francisco the Nimrods all fall mid battle with the X-Men. X-Force finds Cable and Cypher, Cypher is unconscious but still breathing. X-23 attempts to step through Bastion's portal leading to the past, but she is nearly killed. Nothing organic can pass through the portal. In San Francisco, Hope confronts Cyclops about sending Cable into the future knowing they have no way of returning. Cyclops tells her that he did what he did to save everyone and Cable was aware of the situation. Hope still upset yells at Cyclops and still doesn't agree with what he's done. Suddenly something begins to emerge from Bastion's portal. Cable slowly comes through, over taken completely by the techno organic virus. Bastion along with Creed and Lang watch from a distance. Bastion mentions that while they have defeated Master Mold and the Nimrods, they are still trapped inside the dome with him.

Chapter Thirteen

Cable succumbs to the virus

Thor tries to uneffectively break the dome from the outside, where thousands have gathered to pray for the X-Men to save their relatives trapped on the inside. Inside the dome, Cable, in full techno organic form, manages to keep the temporal door open long enough for the X-Force team to walk through it. He then looks at Hope and suddenly explodes, leaving only his metallic arm behind. Bastion, Lang and Creed watch from the top of a mountain as the time sphere collapses. Creed and Lang try to convince Bastion that the game is over. Bastion refuses to let the girl live, turns into battle mode, and flies towards the bridge. Hope remembers the moment she asked Cable how she would know when she's ready, and he told her she would know the same way she has ever known anything else. Cyclops tells Hope he's sorry and tries to put his hand over her

shoulder, when she replies that if he ever put his hand on her again, he will lose it because it was all his fault. Suddenly Bastion destroys the Golden Gate Bridge passing through it. Most X-Men falls into the water. Hope emerges from it, only to be confronted by Bastion, Lang and Creed, all in Nimrods form. They attack her, when, suddenly, she forms an armor. Bastion realises that her mutant powers just appeared, but he can't classify them, nor calculate them. Hope then blasts him with an optic blast he can't adapt to. Her hand turn into metal, and she punches right through him. As she remembers Cable's words, Hope touches the ground and forms an energy shield. Bastion says she is not the messiah, but the adversary, and that if she survives, nothing will survive. Hope turns into the Phoenix and blasts Bastion. Wolverine, Colossus and Emma are shocked. Logan tells Emma there's nothing she can do now. Bastion manages to grasp Hope's neck, and states that despite his original programming, he will take great pleasure in killing hope. Cyclops blasts his arm, and Wolverine jumps on him, killing him "for Kurt". Hope touches the ground again, saying she's ready now, going full Phoenix Force, and blasting Bastion and the dome all at once. The Avengers rejoices that Summers managed to pull it, while, in Utopia, every mutant just stares at Hope, levitating, like a true Phoenix...

Chapter Fourteen - Final Chapter

Chapter 1: After destroying Bastion and the dome, Hope floats while every mutant gathers around her. For a moment, Xavier thinks this feels like his dream again, until it passes and Hope passes out. 30 hours later, Hope wakes up at the infirmary, where the X-Club is checking on all the wounded: Colossus, Archangel, Iceman, Karma, Magneto and Hellion. Hope asks Magneto if they think she’s dangerous, to what Erik tells her that sometimes is quite beneficial to be thought of as dangerous. Hellion interrupts the conversation between Hope and Magneto about whether Hope is dangerous or not. Hellion sarcastically comments that he would scratch his head and ponder it but he has no hands to do so. Magneto tells him to leave and he does but as he leaves he glares at them out of the corner of his eye.

Chapter 2: It’s Cable’s funeral and everybody gathers around his coffin. Cyclops mourns the death of his son, crying. Hope says that her father lived as a true soldier, so nobody needs to cry for him, even though she cries too. Afterwards, the kids want to comfort Hope, but Prodigy tells them that Hope is all of them, so whatever they want to say to her, she already probably knows. Prodigy says that Hope, essentially, has every single mutant power. Cyclops tells Rogue that because of her they could be burying Hope, and that Nightcrawler and Cable’s deaths could of been in vain, so he demotes her: Rogue’s off of any strike team.

The New X-Force is formed

Chapter 3: Storm finds Logan having a beer in Kurt’s room. They talk about X-Force. While Storm condemns their actions, Wolverine says they did what was needed to be done and had they killed more of them, Kurt would still be alive. Storm is sorry to hear that because that might be the last drink they share together. Afterwards, Logan meets X-23. He tells her that she’s off of X-Force and that it’s about time that she makes her own decisions. Finally, Wolverine meets Cyclops. Scott tells him about how Storm, Colossus, Iceman, and Xavier came to him to talk about X-Force. While Scott doesn’t have any regrets about what they did, he says there’s no place for X-Force in the future of the X-Men. Logan agrees with him, but as soon as Cyclops leaves, he gathers his new X-Force: Archangel, Psylocke, Fantomex and Deadpool. He says there’s only one rule: No one can know.

Chapter 4: Scott is writing a letter to Amanda Sefton, when Iceman tells him that Beast is leaving again. Namor accuses Beast of turning his back on his people. Meanwhile the kids start a bonfire at the end of the island. Emma watches Hope around the fire, when suddenly Hope displays the Phoenix raptor and stares at her. Emma immediately remembers the vision she had of Jean in the White Hot Room during the Sisterhood arc. She runs to Scott to tell him about it, but he interrupts her saying that they were right: Cerebro's picked up five new mutant signatures from around the globe. Five lights.

And with that Hope's Second Coming is over, and the X-Men enter the worlds new Heroic Age and the first new mutant detections since M-Day.


Chapter One

The team arrive in Limbo...

After Illyana is forcibly taken to Limbo Colossus confronts Cyclops, and demands that he be allowed to rescue his sister. Cyclops declines his request, explaining that he needs him by his side, and that he has already ordered Cannonball to form a team of X-Men to retrieve the teleporter from the hellish dimension. They include Northstar, Anole,Pixie, Trance, Dazzler, and Gambit. Although some of the mutants are more willing to help than others, they are all teleported to Limbo thanks to the spell Magik taught Pixie during the events of Quest For Magik. They are quickly attacked by the monstrous hordes belonging to the demon N'astirh, and Gambit succumbs to the realm's evil mystical influence, reverting to his Death personality.

Chapter Two

Dazzler and Northstar are corrupted by Gambit

Back in Limbo, the team gets seperated, and because of Limbo's unique take on time, they all experience different different amounts if time. Illyana is still lost, battling with a huge tentacled monster. Gambit is fully taken over by his Death persona and because of his great darkness, the demons of Limbo obey his every command. He confronts Dazzler and Northstar, and defeats them both, he uses his new escalated Death powers to take control of the two, bringing out the darkness within them and putting them under his control.

Meanwhile Anole, who's on his own, has been fighting demons for days, the terrain around him changes and he is soon plummeting into a lake of lava, but is saved by Cannonball who's only been fighting for ten minutes. However the two are approached by the Dark Gambit, Dazzler and Northstar who want to 'talk' to Sam. Elsewhere Trance and Pixie are searching for Illyana when they are ambushed by S'ym who tells Pixie she is just like Illyana, which angers her. The two fight him only forN'astirh to show up, who tries to bargain with Pixie. Before Trance can completely reject his offer, her astral form fades and she's back in Utopia in the infirmity, just as the Nimrods invade. Back in Limbo, N’astirh explains to Pixie she can get the missing part of her soul back only if she kills Magik and in return he wants the Soulsword.

Casualties of Second Coming

This is a list of major casualties during the Second Coming event.

Karma - Lost Limb

During the New Mutants assault on Hodge's facility, Karma deals a mass amount of damage on his troops. Hodge then leaves his human body and enters his robot body. Karma tries to control Hodge from a distance, but it fails, and Hodge finds Karma and amputates her left leg from her thigh. Her team-mates rescue her and Karma is kept alive by her costume stopping the loss of blood, due to it's unstable molecules. She is brought back to Utopia where she receives treatment.

Ariel - Killed in Action

After Nightcrawler was sent away with Rogue to find Hope, Ariel was brought in as the Alpha team's chief teleporter. The team started following, driving to Hope's location, with Ariel, X-23 and Wolverine in one car. However a fighter jet is sent by Bastion to deal with the team, it fires a missile which collides with their car. Wolverine and X-23 survive because of their healing factor, but Wolverine confirms Ariel as deceased. It has been speculated that because Ariel was in a door way, she managed to escape the explosion, but this remains to be seen.

Nightcrawler - Killed In Action

Nightcrawler was killed whilst defending Hope. To prevent Bastion from killing Hope, Nightcrawler teleported in between the two whilst Bastion had his hand on Hope's throat, this meant that after Nightcrawler teleported, Bastion's arm went through his chest. Nightcrawler then teleported himself and Hope to Utopia, with Bastion's arm still through him. Nightcrawler died on the island, and a funeral was held for him that night.

Vanisher - Undetermined, Shot

After Vanisher overhears Cyclops and Domino talking about Bastion targeting teleporters. He teleports off to his brothel in Portugal, only to end up ambushed by Steven Lang and his troops, who were informed by it's existence by Donald Pierce's spying on Utopia. They have killed all his 'girls' and proceed to fire at him, shooting him several times in the chest. Vanisher teleports away and it is not confirmed or shown whether he has died, but he was critically wounded.

Hellion - Hands Destroyed

During the Nimrods assault on the Golden Gate Bridge, Hellion is one of the mutants present fighting them off. During the fight, Hellions hand began to disintegrate from their attack, eventually causing him to lose both of his hands and most of his right forearm. He is currently in the Utopia Medical Wing.

Sack - Decapitated

Sack and a group of other mutants on Utopia were prepared to jump in and fight when Toad tried talking them out of it, pointing his finger at Sack. At the very moment that Sack tried to shame Toad for his cowardice, a Nimrod descended; firing at Sack & decapitating him. Sack's head fell to the floor, a second Nimrod landed on Sack's head, crushing his skull.

Cable - Killed in Action

In order to save X-Force from being stranded in the future, Cable allows the Techno-Organic infection to take over him so he can open the portal connecting the present to the future, letting the members of X-Force through. The strain of the virus is too much and Cable explodes, leaving only his metallic arm behind

The Human Council

The mutant hating fanatics responsible for all the bloodshed also had their share of casualties.

William Stryker - Bifurcated by Archangel

Donald Pierce - Destroyed by a strong blast of Cyclops optic beam

Cameron Hodge - Life is sucked from him by Warlock

Bolivar Trask - Kills himself, knowing Bastion will soon re-assert his control over him.

Steven Lang - Killed by Hope

Graydon Creed - Killed by Hope

Bastion - Killed by Wolverine and Hope


During the fighting, many mutants were injured, some recovered later and re-joined the fight.

Surge was badly injured whilst fighting the Nimrods, over using her powers to such a degree that her gauntlets short circuit, causing her pain and to collapse. She is taken back to Utopia, where her gauntlets are presumably fixed, and she re-joins the battle

Armor was hurt during the first phase of the Golden Gate Bridge fight, the Nimrods used their expert technology to adapt to Armor's psionic armor and managed to breach it which caused her to collapse. However she was saved in time and went back to Utopia to recover, she later re-joined the fight.

Iceman saved Armor from being killed by the Nimrods but was severely burned in the process, burning 25% of his body. He was brought back to Utopia and was put under medical supervision, whilst Beast looked over him. However he recovered extremely quickly, most likely due to his powers, and re-joined the fight against the Nimrods.

Magneto awakens from his coma during the event and goes off to defend Utopia from the Nimrods, whilst the X-Men are away and he's still re-covering from his coma. He defeats the Nimrods, but is severely exhausted and is badly injured afterwards.

Toad loses one of his fingers after a Nimrod blasts it off

Colossus's arm is broken and ripped by the Nimrods, where several have to hold him back, while another snapped his arm. After Bastion was defeated, Beast helped mend it.

Cypher is injured after he is found by Master Mold's main intelligence and tells him that he will not be a threat and can easily erase his mind. Cypher becomes overwhelmed by Master Mold and it seems as though his mind is going to be completely annihilated. Cypher however is able to trace the pattern of numbers Master Mold is using to destroy him and over ride their flow. He is able to over come Master Mold's hold and shuts him down completely. Later X-Force find him, he's unconscious but is still breathing.

X-23 was severely burned after trying to enter the portal back to the past, but the portal only allows in-organic matter to pass through, which causes X-23 to become extremely injured, her healing factor taking longer than usual to help her recover Angel was shown to be injured after Bastion was killed and the dome was lifted, his wings were damaged in the fight, he was in the infirmity for recovery

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