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Major Story Arcs

Chiesa is the abbot of a monastery outside the town of Oradour. Everyone believes he is good, pure priest. However, the Christian church has largely been thrown down in his time. The leader of the world, the Grendel-Khan, has instead created a class of Grendel warriors, and spread a kind of secular religion of Grendel. The abbot wants to destroy Grendel and return the church to power. He decides that he can use the current vampire plague as a tool. He finances the vampires and helps them escape their prisons so that they can strike back at the power of Grendel.

Eventually the local team of Grendels finds out what he has done. They promise to keep his secret if they can have the local town of Oradour. The Grendels slaughter everyone in town, brutally, and attack the abbot as well, for cover. They shoot him full of arrows, but only in non-fatal areas. He leaves the arrows in his body as a sign of his punishment for the rest of his life.

The only survivor is Petrus Christus. He swears revenge, and plans to use the spirit of Grendel to help him. He infiltrates the gang of Grendels, but they know who he is, thanks to the abbot. They plan to drive him more and more into the arms of the spirit of Grendel, and attack him one by one, sacrificing themselves for Grendel. He kills them all, but before he does, he learns from their leader Mahound what the abbot has done.

Christus attacks the abbot, but the abbot manages to knock him out and ties him up. Chiesa and the other monks try to exorcise Grendel from him, but fail. Christus is possessed by a demon--probably a Dire-Imp, and not Grendel itself--and tortures the abbot telekinetically, getting him to confess. Then he tortures him for three more years, finally leaving him to die. His brutally-wasted body is last seen being laughed at by the Dire-Imp.

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