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 Seaweed Man confronts Namor in the Hidden Deeps. 
Namor would go on a quest to seek out the enchanted Trident to prove he can attain the crown after Warlord Krang seized the throne of Atlantis. The spirit image of Father Neptune tells Namor that he must travel to the Hidden Deeps to get the second clue to the trident's location. Namor reaches the Hidden Deeps when he encounter a living mountain of seaweed. The Seaweed Man informs Namor that he trespasses into his domain and can possess the second clue if he is victorious in battle. The Seaweed Man's long reach keeps Namor at bay but the fight continues until Namor is caught in his massive grip. Namor is able to escape when he shifts his weight and uses leverage to his advantage. Namor starts to swim in circles around Seaweed Man with incredible speed and begins to create a powerful whirlpool. Seaweed Man is swept away from the powerful currents and Namor finds an iron door which leads to the second clue.


The Seaweed Man was created by Stan Lee and Adam Austin in 1965. His first appearance was in Tales To Astonish # 71. 

Powers & Abilities

Seaweed Man possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Seaweed Man is a submariner that can live indefinitely underwater and is impervious to many projectile weapons because they normally pass harmlessly through his marine algae body.

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