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Major Story Arcs

Pandora Effect

Séance first made his presence known to during the Pandora Effect. All those that died during that event, Séance offered a way back to earth and they were transformed by it.

Wicked Ways

Séance Examines Hells Disappearance

During the events of Wicked Ways it is revealed many years ago he encased Leviatha in a coffin for Lucifer.

He spent many months calculating and discovered Hell was disappearing. He approached Lady Death but learned that although she had the power to halt the disappearance she did not know how to use it and there was no time to teach her.


Lucifer had returned and he planned on making Earth his new Hell. Séance was brought along there as well; he masqueraded as Dr. Ben Halel in Casino Inferno. He obtained a chip made by Leonard Price that helped them in controlling weapons and banking. He then was dedicated in merging technology with ancient weaponry and created the Lucifer Engine, which was almost an exact replica of Jehovex Machine (both of them gathered souls for the upcoming Rapture).

Séance Levitating

His work was interrupted by Cremator, who used the Chaos Engine to create a weapon from pure chaos, it was later named Apocalypse. By threatening Séance with the new weapon, Cremator ordered him to teleport them to Lady Death. When they arrived there Lady Death was in battle with Leviatha. Séance made some quick calculations, and blasted Leviatha, as he saw her not in their future plans. Leviatha was easily defeated. When the Rapture came, Séance's machine even managed to steal portion of souls that were on their way to Heaven. From there things started to go downhill; Lady Death conquered Lucifer Engine, and when Lucifer, Séance and Pagan escaped to heaven, it too was raided by her and destroyed. It didn't take long for the end of the world to arrive.

Dark Millenium

Séance was recreated in a new world. He was second in command to Asteroth the new king of demons. The Dark Millennium threatened all of existence, and he had heard that Lady Death had obtained Nocturne's grimoire. Séance went to lady Death to try to decipher it, as he believed that he had wrote it in his previous incarnations, and it would help defeat Abaddon. But before he made any progress, the grimoire was stolen by demons under Pagan's orders, who had aligned himself with Purgatori. Lady Death tried to get it back and fought Purgatori, but got infected witha blood beast. Séance entered Lay Death and made her aware of his presence so she could fight them. The avatar of Abaddon was released and Séance fought beside Lady Death; they achieved victory over the avatar. After that Séance rejoined the demon forces, and when time came to enter the new world, he went there as well. There, all the previous Hell Lords gathered and recreated Lucifer.

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