Son of his dupe / Dupe of his son

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This is my first post on Comic Vine and I would like your opinion on a pet theory of mine.
We know Sean Madrox to have been an "infant dupe". Presumably, a dupe carries some sort of biological mark allowing reabsorption, which can be transmitted to a child.
I have read several comments from people hoping that Sean might somehow reappear out of Jamie Madrox. However, I can see another possibility for Sean's comeback.
What if baby Sean had received a slap while he was at the nursery? That would make two of him! And one would have been kidnapped. This is what I think has happened.
Do you want the character to be brought back in this fashion?

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Hm...interesting idea.  Honestly, I have no idea.  No one ever really knows what's going on with Jamie's powers but it's always possible.  If it was a "dupe of his son" that would be a rather interesting story

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