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Origin and history

The Acolytes

Due to the manifesting of his mutation, Seamus experienced discrimination and lots of inhumanly abuse. He became devoted to Magneto and believed in his point of view that mutants are superior to humans. By joining the Acolytes, he was crowned as the "Noble Knight of the Acolytes".

During a fight with the X-Men, Jean Grey used her telekinetic abilities to throw Mellencamp miles away, but he was durable enough to survive.


Seamus Mellencamp was created by Scott Lobdell and John Romita, Jr in 1993 and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #300.

Major Story Arcs

The Acolytes

Mellencamp was once killed by Madrox who created duplicates within Seamus out of self-defense. Exodus had previously claimed he could resurrect dead Acolytes, somewhat explaining how Mellencamp appeared alive and well some time later. Mellencamp remained an active Acolyte member over the next few months and followed Magneto when he took over the island state of Genosha. It's believed that he perished with many of the other inhabitants of Genosha after Sentinels came to exterminate all mutants on the island.



Mellencamp returned to life via Selene's mystical powers and Eli Bard's control over the Transmode virus in Selene's attempt to seek revenge on the X-Men for standing in her way of her becoming a goddess.

Alongside fellow revived Acolytes Fabian Cortez and Delgado, Mellencamp attacked X-Men student Loa, demanding to know the whereabouts of their former leader (and current X-Man) Magneto.

Deadpool, who had invited himself to stay on the mutant island of Utopia, heard Loa's cries and came to her aid. Remembering Cyclops' rule of "no killing", Deadpool threw Loa at the Acolytes, who were disintegrated via her ability to "swim" through solid matter. While most revived mutants were unable to be killed, it is not known if Mellencamp and the Acolytes were able to recover from Deadpool and Loa's assault. After Selene's defeat however, all her other resurrected mutants died again.

Powers & Abilities

Mellencamp possesses superhuman agility and strength, razor-sharp claws, highly resistant scaled skin, and sharp spikes all over his body. Actually, his skin is a resemblance of the Hulk's. Due to his mutation, his body fats were replaced by pure muscle.

All of Mellencamp's physical abilities are greatly beyond a human in peak physical condition. His strength allows him to even cause harm to those who have superhuman durability. He can nearly never be tired because of his immense stamina, which lets him do strenuous activities for days on end.

Somehow, he is also immune to power absorptions such as Rogue's.

His senses are also stronger than other mutants, human, or animals since he can see in the dark, blinding light, and even underwater. He can also select what to hear and detect targets by the use of their scent alone.

Other Media

Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine And The X-Men

Mellencamp is one of Magneto's Acolyte in Genosha. In the series, Magneto's Acolytes serve as peacemakers of Genosha. He follows Magneto's order such as sending some mutants to prison. He works commonly alongside with Senyaka, Mercury, and Scarlet Witch as shown in the series.

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