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Seaguy lives in a very strange "cartoony" world where an Age of Superheroes has become naught but legend and things are now just "normal" (or as normal as anything is in this zany comic) but Seaguy yearns for more. He years to be a hero, a superhero, mainly so that he can impress She-Beard of course, as she is the greatest desire of his heart. This desire leads him on several adventures where he encounters some of the darker forces at work in the world such as Mickey Eye, Seadog, and Schizoman and we learn that this is a world where the "upper authorities" are trying to hide the truths from the civilians, truths Seaguy finds himself continuously stumbling upon and therefore making him Enemy #1. Through the story he meets many an interesting character but only one could truly be called a friend through and through, Chubby da Choona, his cigar-smoking fish-like companion who died on their first adventure.

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