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Sea Wolf belonged to a team known as Axis Amerika. They were a group of costumed agents who engaged in subversive activities in the US during World War Two on behalf of the Axis Powers. This group clashed with the Young All-Stars, a team of up and coming young heroes who were a branch of the wartime All-Star Squadron. He and the original Ubermensch joined Alexander Luthor's Secret Society of Super Villians.

Sea Wolf was one of the underwater criminals to attack Sub Diego at the same time The Spectre decided to attack.

Sea Wolf has been a prisoner of Enclave A since the ending days of World War II. He told the members of the Freedom Force this before they were thrown into an underground level with an unknown species. He may have broken out of other high risk prisons in the past. He has battled Aquaman on two occassions and was seen during the Infinite Crisis. The experimentation from the Axis Powers may have given him longjevity and has kept his powers at a very high level. There also must have been an area for him to be underwater since he can only survive for short periods of time out of water.

Powers and abilities

Sea Wolf is covered in fur and resembling a humanoid wolf. He could breathe underwater and had great swimming ability. Sea Wolf could survive out of water for a limited period of time only. He also possessed super strength.

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