Scrier - Who/what is this guy?

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I really don't know much about him either...i remember he hung around a bit during the Clone Saga but that's about it

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His origins have never been revealed. I believe he and The Other are just ancient beings with cosmic power.

Originally, The Other once caught Galactus by surprise and defeated him and the Surfer. Also, Scrier had much difficulty with The Other as well as Mephisto. Now it seems Scrier and The Other are on par with one another and Galactus is above them, as it should be.

I think the Stranger is most likely more powerful than Scrier.

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Scrier seems to be a very Old rival of Galactus and the Other,going all the way back to the biegging of the universe The fact that Big-G seemed a match for both of them Is quite incredible.And shows his power seems to be growing beyond the celestials.Proved by Thanos imperitive.Although scrier seems to be beyond skyfather power and is know one to trifle with,I have the surfer annual from 98 and he makes surfer look sick.

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Now that I think about it,I seem to recall Scrier and Agatha Harckness resurrected the Surfer.While mephisto banished from his realm tortured the Surfer for quite some time.Fortunately,they were able to bring back the surfer.And Scrier showed his power by turning Mephisto into a small worm like thing and crush him(saying Mephisto will return,evil like his is never killed for good).Thats all from memory so don`t quote everything as gospel.

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