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The first spine-tingling issue

Scream! was a 32 page weekly British comic, edited by Ghastly McNasty, that lasted only 15 issues before being merged with the Eagle (issue 128 - dated 1 September 1984).The first two issues of Scream! came with free gifts stuck to their covers (most copies have two tape marks on the front where the gifts were removed). Issue one came with white plastic 'Dracula' fangs (and if they were stuck in the right place - should be directly over Dracula's mouth) and issue two came with a rubber spider (ideally stuck in the middle of the web on the cover).

Ongoing stories include The Dracula File, Monster and The Thirteenth Floor (featuring work from Alan Moore, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Eric Bradbury, Jose Ortiz, Jesus Redondo and many more).

The final holiday special

Four Holiday Specials followed between 1985 and 1988, with a fifth and final Spinechillers special in 1989.

Two Scream! stories transfered to Eagle when the comics merged (The Thirteenth Floor and Monster). The Scream! logo graced the cover of Eagle for 26 issues (128 - 153), but both stories still continued after this. Although Dan Dare was the Eagle cover star, the Thirteenth Floor did get a wraparound cover poster on the 1984 Christmas issue, which was very reminiscent of the wraparound Scream cover posters.

The 1986 Holiday Special gave a glimpse of what the cover of issue 18 would have looked like, if the title had continued (a black and white illustration by Jose Ortiz for The Thirteenth Floor). This was also used (in colour this time) for the cover of The Best of Eagle Monthly issue 2 (June 1988).

One challenge for readers was to draw the likeness of Ghastly McNasty's face (always obscured by a cowl). Over the course of the published 15 issues, this was never won. The challenge was picked up again in issue 139 of Eagle (Ghastly's Grisly Gallery), with readers once again sending in their drawings. All the while Ghastly gave hints as to what his face should look like. Even then the prize on offer was never won and the likeness was eventually revealed in the 1986 Holiday Special.

2007 saw the publication of The Thirteenth Floor graphic novel (from Hibernia), which collected the first 11 episodes of Max's adventures from Scream! This had a limited print run of only 700 copies.

Articles are still written about Scream! Recent features have appeared in Crikey issue 3 and Judge Dredd Megazine 316.

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