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On the anniversary of the Woodsboro murder's two high school students are violently stabbed to death in their home by a new Ghostface.

While on her book tour Sidney Prescott has returns to Woodsboro and at once the new Ghostface leave's incriminating evidence in the trunk of her car. The Police intervene and Sidney is taken to the police station where she meet's her cousin Jill Roberts and her two friend's Olivia Morris and Kirby Reed. Both Jill and Olivia received threatening call's from the new Ghostface earlier in the day. Both girl's are questioned by the sheriff Dewey and his deputy Judy Hicks. It's decided that everyone must stay in Woodsboro till the murder's are solved but Dewey assigns Sidney round the clock police protection during her stay.

As all of them return home Jill and Kirby invite Olivia over to watch movies with them but she declines and goes into her own home, While watching the movie Jill's phone rings with the caller ID telling them that the call is coming from her ex-boyfriend's phone Trevor Sheldon because Jill is talking with Olivia Kirby answer's to hear not Trevor but Ghostface. He dare's them to open the closet and as they do Ghostface attacks Olivia and kill's her. Hearing their scream's of terror Sydney rushes into Olivia's house along with Jill, seeing her friend's body Jill is unaware that Ghostface is behind her and is saved by Sidney who fights Ghostface until the police arrive. As the police arrive Ghostface is nowhere to be seen and both Sydney and Jill are taken to the Woodsboro community Hospital to be treated to their injuries. Coming out of the emergency room Sydney's publicist talks to her about a new book deal where Sidney could make million's annoyed with her Sidney fire's her publicist and leaves the hospital. While walking to her car Rebecca Walter's(Sidney's Publicist) get's a phone call from Ghostfac, scared Rebecca unlocks her car and try's to drive away only to find that the car has been tampered with. Suddenly Ghostface jumps down onto the hood of the car and attacks her. Outside the hospital sheriff Dewey is holding a press conference to assure the public that the murderer will be caught and everyone should remain calm and terrifying scream can be heard and Rebecca is thrown from the top of the parking lot and crashes onto a van killing her. Gale Weathers-Riley enlists the help of two high school students Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer to try and stop the murder's. The next day Gale and Sidney sit in on the high school's cinema club where Charlie and Robbie explain that the rule's of horror films have changed. Both mention that the killer's next victim will be at a party,a party which they will be attending. As the party is staring Gale follows them and plant's camera's all around the room only to have them blocked out a few minutes later by the new Ghostface. Going in to investigate the killer attacks Gale while she is distracted and after a brief fight she is saved by Dewey escaping with only a stab to the shoulder Gale is taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

While on patrol around the Robert's residence two police officer's are murdered. As Kate Robert's arrives she and Sidney find out that Jill has left and gone to Kirby's house both worried they try to leave only to fin Ghostface there. Fending him off Kate is killed and deputy Judy arrives moments later with help. Sneaking out behind her Sidney get's in the car and drives off to Kirby's house.

At Kirby's house the group decide to watched Stab 7 but one by one each leave to walk around the house. Outside a drunken Robbie wander's around the ground until Ghostface attack's him. Sidney arrives at Kirby's and try's to make Jill leave with her to safety opening the front door and bloody Robbie warns' them to run and dies in the front step. The Ghostface appears and breaks into Kirby's house chasing Jill, Sidney and Kirby around the house. Sidney and Jill hide upstairs, Sidney walks out onto the roof and using Jill's phone call's Dewey for backward. Ghostface attacks her and knocks her off the roof. Inside again Sidney meet's Kirby and both lock themselves downstairs and blood covered Charlie appears and begs Kirby to let him in Sidney warns her though that if she can't trust him don't let him in Kirby tells Charlie to back away from the door until Ghostface comes up and attacks him tying him to a chair. Sidney leaves to find Jill and Kirby is forced to answer horror trivia to save Charlie's life, believing she had beaten Ghostface Kirby goes outside and unties Charlie. He then stabs her in the stomach and leaves her to die. As Sidney returns to the basement the low sound of the garage door opening can be heard and she calls out to Kirby (Leads to speculation that Kirby survived) Charlie attacks her from behind and Ghostface appears in the room revealing himself to be actually Jill. After explaining to Sidney how much she hated being her cousin and how much she wanted to be famous she bring's Trevor out of the closet and kill's him framing his as the murderer she then double crosses Charlie and kill's him saying there can only be one survivor and that she wasn't sharing her fame with anyone. Jill then explain's that "the only way to be famous is to have f****ed up s**t happen to you" Jill then stab's Sidney in the stomach before stabbing herself and almost killing herself.

Waking up in hospital Jill puts on the act that she genuinely cares and is saddened that Sidney didn't survive she even's says to Dewey that she hopes Gale and her could write a books together about the murder's but when told Sidney has survived Jill goes to finish to job by attacking Sidney in her room. Once Dewey figured out Jill was the killer he goes to help Sidney only to be knocked out by Jill by numerous blows to the head. Taking his gun she points it at Sydney and is about to kill her until Gale show's up to protect Sidney too. Deciding she'd have to write her book solo she tries to kill Gale but Judy Hick's intervenes and saves Gale's life. Getting shot herself Judy fall's to the ground and Gale is left by herself. Running to Dewey, Gale distracts Jill long enough for Sidney to fully charge a defibrillator and shock Jill. All three sit for a moment and Jill stands up to attack again onyl to have Sidney shot her in the chest finally killing her. Judy Hicks then appears not to have died as she was wearing a bullet proof vest but faints. Outside the new's reporters have swarmed the hospital calling Jill the "Sole surviving hero" unknown that she is actually the true killer.







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