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Zack is a teenager who discovers that he is a werewolf and leaves home until he is able to control his bestial nature. He walks for days across many miles and collapses from exhaustion near a secluded cabin. He is taken in by Sage, a resident of the house, and stays for several weeks. Later, Zack discovers that Sage and the children in her custody are targets of the prejudice from the townspeople seeking to blame someone in the case of a missing girl. Later that evening, Zack becomes Scratch and encounters a monster carrying the missing girl. Scratch battles the creature but unable to rescue the girl with the sunrise. Scratch becomes Zack and the creature runs off with the girl. By sunset, Zack tracks the creature to his lair in a cave but is swarmed by a mob of deformed children.

Zack escapes only to be chased by the townspeople and cornered at Sage's cabin. Zack and Sage are able to escape from the cabin and go to the caves. They continue searching for the girl and encounter the swarms of deformed children. Sage is able to calm them down and no longer necessary to fight them. The townspeople find Zack and Sage in the caves and corner them once more but Zack becomes Scratch and escape farther into the caves. Scratch sporadically changes into Zack becoming half-human and half-wolf. The townspeople continues chasing after them and Scratch and Sage find the missing girl while running from the townspeople. Interesting revelations about the creature are revealed as the missing girl tells the circumstances of her abduction. The creature gone, the townspeople returning to their lives and Zack and Sage continue caring for the children in her custody.

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