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At the close of the twentieth century, the United States is shut off from most of the world, the once-great nation’s allies having bled her dry of resources and turned their backs. Now a third-world country—where ration cards are doled out, and poisoned farmlands produce toxic food—only the few rich fare sumptuously, while the majority starve and waste away.

In the Arizona mountains, Apache ex-Army Ranger Emanuel Santana is contacted by a spirit guide called the "Gahn." The Gahn explains to Santana that he has been chosen to rid the world of the Four Monsters of Apache legend, who are living disguised as humans with powerful political influence. Santana sets out across the bleak American landscape to fulfill his quest by carrying out a one man war against the corrupt and failing U.S. government.

Powers and Abilities

Scout's Army Ranger training makes him a skilled survivalist, tracker, and unarmed combatant. He is proficient with most conventional military firearms and explosives, as well as traditional Apache weapons such as the knife and bow and arrow. Scout is also well-versed in traditional Apache folklore and customs and is the only person who can see the Four Monsters in their true form.

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