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An evil version of Sonic, expect of wearing Leather Boots, A Leather Jacket and Sunglasses He first appeared in 'Sonic the Hedgehog #11' when Sonic crossed the "Cosmic Interstate" and into Moebius for the first time. Time and time again, he would travel to Mobius, either with his evil crew or by himself, to battle Sonic or working for Robotnik. In issue SSS:10 Anti Sonic was arrested for Treason. In issue 112 He Escaped but was arrested again by Zonic the zone cop.

Pretending to Be Sonic

After switching Antoine with his Mobius counterpart, Patch, and see how Patch's handle his counterpart's place and manage to make quite a life for himself; Anti-Sonic tried the same thing with Sonic in a ambush. After switching clothes and sending Sonic to Mobius, Anti-Sonic went around pretending to be Sonic, and filtered with several of Sonic's girlfriends, like Amy, Fiona, and Mina.

But Sonic manged to get back to his zone and took care of Anti-Sonic. With no-one to turn to, Anti-Sonic offered a gem to the reassure hunter Rouge to help him.

Mean Green

While trying to get their hands on the Master Emerald for Finitevus' plans, Rouge and Anti-Sonic encounter Locke. After a fight with the guardian, Anti-Sonic manages to land on the Master Emerald and 'powers-up' with it. Locke quickly punches Anti-Sonic, his barbs made two scars on his chest, but it was too late; Anti-Sonic managed to get another power to alter his appearance, which he now dubs himself as Scourge.

His new state also gives him extra strength, as he almost beats Locke with ease until Rouge manage to stop him. He also acquired the ability of Chaos Control, using the Master Emerald to teleport Rouge and himself else where.

Hail to the King

While Sonic and the others were fighting Mammoth Mogul, Scourged conquered his own world and tried to distance it from Mobius by giving everyone new names rather than being "Anti"s. He lead his "Suppression Squad" to Mobius to take over, but he was soon betrayed by the Suppression Squad and was sent back to Mobius with Sonic. After being ganged up by Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Silver, Rob, Metal

Sonic and Rosy, Scourge race to his thrown, where he then used a stored Anarchy Beryl to transform himself into super Scourge

The Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad came to Mobius for Sonic and Amy, only to meet Super Scourge beating up all the other Hedgehogs, who then took on everyone else with great ease. After Shadow Chaos Controlled with Metal Sonic out of the Zone, it took everyone to work together and get Scourge into a dog pile, in hopes they could hold him until he lost power. Sadly, this wasn't enough. Sonic tried to hit Scourge, but it just aggravated the Super-Hedgehog into taking the fight outside. Sonic tried to outrun Scourge, trying to figure a way to beat him or what to do when he powers down, when he gets an idea. When Super Scourge showed up, Sonic states that Scourge could only beat Sonic in his Super Form. To prove him wrong, Scourge de-powers, only to find himself

weaker than before his transformation. Sonic concludes that Anarchy Beryl would drain extra power from people while the Chaos Emeralds give them a boost. With that, Sonic easily beats Scourge, destroying his crown and his reign as king on Mobius.

One Last Run

While being taken by Sonic through the Cosmic Interstate to reach the No-Zone, Scourge awakes from his slumber and manage to a brief fight with Sonic only to be cut short by Zector and Zespio the ZoneCops, who take the two hedgehog right to the No-Zone, which was badly damage by someone

named Dr. Nega. Taking advantage of everyone looking at the decayed Zone, Scourge decides to run wild one more time, taking on both Sonic and Zonic, the ZoneCop who jailed Scourge.

After the battle, Zonic nabs a Control Ring on the Green Hedgehog and reports to Sonic that Socurge's mutation has made him a wild card that could threaten the great cosmic order. Scourge only buff this off by saying, "I am the Sonic the hedgehog at his full potential."


When Scourge was in the No Zone prison he was at the mercy to every inmate in there. When the Destrutix went to free him his fears of being killed by the inmates made them question his leadership. He needed prove himself to each member of the original Fearsome Foursome before they could do a jailbreak.

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