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In the first american film of one of my favorite directors,  Edgar Wright , brings the tale of a love. I think the movie lived up the hype that was aiming and its one of my fav movie of this year. Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) a young man who is a loser (no job, no house, no respect for the other exes he had) and a A-hole. As we see in the movie we see Pilgrim asuming responsability of his past mistakes in process to earn the love of a mysterios new girl named Ramona Flowers.The action sequence are fun, very fast and well edited is it. The cast is great due to the fact they had fun doing the movie wich helped the chemistry (soz my english is not that good) between actors. Scott Pilgrim VS the world is a movie that will surprise you how good is it.

The video game reference was great. The soundtrack with is lead by Beck have a lot of energy that will pump you from the very first song. All the songs selected are great and complementary in what happend in the movie. For those who are not gamers can enjoy the movie due to the high energy that have. Fun movie, see it, dont torrent it. 


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