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Scott Pilgrim take it or leave it

Well, I had a free pass to see an advance screening of Scott Pilgrim. I thought this might be worth wasting a few hours so I went and saw it. and I have to say Scott Pilgrim was a good movie. Let me first start off by saying I have never even read the book it's based on so I can't tell you if the movie closely relates to the film or not, but coming into the story I can honestly say I would be interested in reading it. The story is pretty much everywhere including in the movie description so there's nothing worth mentioning on that.  
On to the cast the only one's I recognized was Michael Cera, Future Captain America; Chris Evans, and Superman Returns'; Brandon Routh so I can't really grade the rest of the cast's acting but I do give props to Alison Pill, for her dead pan portrayl of Kim, Scotts ex girlfriend from High School, and Kieran Culkin for his role as the sarcastic subtle flambouyant Wallace Wells (More on these two in a minute). With Cera he's playing his normal meek, unsure persona I don't know what it is but it seems like that's all he's got in his acting belt, it get's kind of annoying it's like "will you stand up for yourself?" But he also was pretty badass with his fighting so I can't be too mad. Mary Elizabeth Winstead really brought Ramona out of the comic (I haven't read it but I know what type of comic it is so I know what type of girl she was going for.) In her scenes she brought out the weirdness that was Ramona. One scene I liked was when she was trying to find a door and brought Scott along with him. The scene felt like it was lifted straight from the book. Allison Pill really did a good job playing Kim she was quiet, hateful, and sarcastic like a girl who has been scorned. Kieran Culkin, kin to the other Culkin played the awkwardly gay Wallace who mostly pops up with men in his bed and serves as Scotts consultant. I swear Kieran really played his role even going as far as making out with a guy, I'm still guessing if he's really gay. My favorite would have to be Knives she comes off as this needy little girl with a crush but finally comes out strong and cool from the experience.
  The movie starts off everywhere with flashbacks, cut to's, and narrations I couldn't really follow too much showed a scene and quickly transitions from it. Characters were also popping up everywhere and I couldn't keep track of who was who and by the end half of them don't even show back up. I know it was to make it feel more like the comic but it just got confusing. Later on the movie calms with the fight scenes which are excellently choreagraphed especially the final round, this is where the movie really shines my favorite would have to be the one against Todd it was a pretty one-sided fight but it ended hilariously. My only compaint with the first fight was that Scott pilgrim comes off as this meek, lovey dovey, weakling but as soon as he's challenged he's this fighting machine what's up with that? The first 2 fights end and transition rather quickly but soon even out.  The movie also has it's comedic moments but it all depends on your humor, if you find quotes like; "I lesbian you", "I feel like I just learned something but I don't understand", or "I have to pee on her" funny (because I didn't) then this will probably be on your top blu-ray wishlist. The movie also plays visuals for it's comedy I laughed mostly on these but otherwise eh, not to mention there are a ton of homosexual visuals and jokes I mean a ton I, but I got past the jokes for the story and action.  
The movie uses comic onomatopiea which kind of get annoying but learn to deal with, the movie also uses video game aspects to support it's story which they try to boast as some real hardcore gaming... It doesn't, being a hardcore gamer that status includes beating SMB3 dozens of times (compared to others who quit after world-7), who follows Kingdom hearts for it's gameplay (not it's homosexual undertones), and knowing where every extra life in 2 out of 3 of the first Sonic games (The good ones which is another check for my gamer status), this almost has no connections with video games (unlike the book as I've just been notified is very video game savvy) aside from a few references and two easy references any fairweather NES owner would know, and the KO ,VS, and level up fonts. my point is they know  OF video games but not too much about it. 
Overall the movie was a fun distraction but it's nothing to write home about. The comedy was meh for my taste (I was literally rolling my eyes everytime the audience went into this laugh riot) it's Cable Tv funny but not oh my gosh I can't breath funny. You'll fall in love with at least one character in the movie but mostly likely will later forget their crowning moment. Scott Pilgrim is a fun movie you'll love for the comedy or love for the action if both then congratulations you like movies. 
Stray Observation 
This movie says PG-13 but I don't know, this movie doesn't scream take your kids with the talk of sex, heavy graphic make-out sessions with a bra and panty clothed Winstead, lesbian make-out conversation, gay makeout sessions and the mentioning of male junk, I wouldn't let any kid under 12 looking at this these scenes. I wanted to cover the eyes of the kids sitting next to me.

Posted by Silkcuts

The Beguiling in Toronto had passes but I missed out buy a few minutes :(
I want to see it, but I don't want to pay to see it.  The commercials are horrible.  I am glad you gave me some faith.

Edited by A-Strondinaire
Oh your welcome. And yes the commercials are horrible they make it seem like Chris evans is the lead and makes Roxxane seem like some one-note catchphrase (how she says the bi-furious is alittle more bad-ass then it is annoying in the movie)
Posted by aussiebushwacker

for the reasons of lesbian and gay make out. why would you not want kids uder 12 see it. do you find something wrong with it. i wonder where in society someone would still be casual talking like this. do you think it is socially irresponsible. realise if you don't likeseeing gay people make out thats your problem not theirs. i'm sure you thought its light hearted what your talking about it but its really a soft form of homophobia that uderlines society still.

Posted by A-Strondinaire

@aussiebushwacker: I'm going to try to say this nice as possible. You're an idiot. First off I warned of all the orientation's sexual content. Second In no way shape or form did I try to say anything about how no one wants to see homosexual content. I find it socially irresponsible for children to be looking at scenes with heavy make out scenes of any orientation. I'm sure what you meant to be a lesson in tolerance to some "oblivious bigot" is really a hard form of being a tool who has nothing better to do than to over-analyze a three year review thinking he's intelligent. So go on back to Tumblr and spew your cheap Lady Gaga rhetoric elsewhere.

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