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I picked up the Scott Pilgrim series about four months ago, instantly tearing through the five available books.  At the end of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe I was completely pulled in and addicted.  I NEEDED to read the next volume NOW.  Somehow I made it the four months though, and today I'm happy to say that the last book in the series was very satisfying.  It wasn't quite the ending I wanted, but it really was satisfying.  
Really, if you're reading this and you're a fan you know what to expect: funny, heartfelt, well drawn, video game references (Scott got a PSP Go for some reason) etc.  If you're not already a fan, why are you reading this?  Go pick up the first book and get in on this already.   
This book is basically about closure and how important it is, to the reader and to Scott.  Relationships and fights(Yes he battles Gideon and yes it's epic) finally feel finished for the series.  I realize I didn't really say much in this review, but that's only because I'm trying to avoid spoilers and really if you're reading this you probably already know the deal is and are just looking for confirmation that the book is good, so here it is:  Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour is a very good and very fitting end to the series.  Now go out and buy it. 


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