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By now you must of heard of the Cult sensation which is Scott Pilgrim, written and illustrated by Bryan Lee O'Malley.  Set in the real world.  Scott Pilgrim is the people's champion and a series which is a must read for anyone who has grown up in 80s pop-culture.  From Nintendo to the X-Men Scott Pilgrim lived it just like you.
I won't waste time by saying pros and cons.  It is a great series.  These comics may look like mangas, but they are Archie Digests 6.9 of awesomeness.  This is a great series for those new to comics.  Fun read and great pop-culture references. Bryan Lee O'Malley shows great focused narration skill in this first book of is Scott Pilgrim Epic.

 You Won't Know What Hit You In The Slightest!

If you want something different from Marvel or DC, but a main character with Super powers, Scott Pilgrim is it.
You'll get a +1 to your awesomeness just for reading book one.
- Silkcuts
Posted by KRYPTON

5 out of 5, I need to get this keep up the awesome review, Dude, Robot, Cyborg

Posted by Silkcuts

Its one of the best values in comics.  Great read, fair price.
Plus you upgrade on life.

Posted by Gamerush

I cant wait to start reading the first vol. The movie was amazing.

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