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So Far, The Definition of Novelty 0

Certain entertainment properties are so much more enjoyable when they exist outside of the mainstream.  They can be sinfully entertaining; quirky; secretly hilarious. But put them into the spotlight, and that novelty wears off. They go from being a guilty pleasure, and not really a big deal, to something almost to be ashamed of.  Scott Pilgrim falls into that catagory.  When it was less well know, this comic's fans raved about its virtues.  Pilgrim is a likeable jerk, the everyman that most of u...

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Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life 0

Let me say this before I say anything else. I struggled to read this book the first time it was presented to me. I was reading it online and I just wasn't getting that pulled into it. However, I stuck with it and finished, eventually working to book 2, which I didn't finish. Then I reread this. Suddenly it was better. Eventually I went out and bought the physical copy of it and my God, it's beautiful. So I'm going to try and approach this with the first time in mind, but the second, third, fourt...

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+1 your Awesomeness 0

By now you must of heard of the Cult sensation which is Scott Pilgrim, written and illustrated by Bryan Lee O'Malley.  Set in the real world.  Scott Pilgrim is the people's champion and a series which is a must read for anyone who has grown up in 80s pop-culture.  From Nintendo to the X-Men Scott Pilgrim lived it just like you.  I won't waste time by saying pros and cons.  It is a great series.  These comics may look like mangas, but they are Archie Digests 6.9 of awesomeness.  This is a g...

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"Wow!" just about sums it up 0

Having heard about the upcoming movie, and some praise for this series, I decided to pick it up upon finding a copy of the first Scott Pilgrim volume in my school library.  And am I glad that I did!  Reading this series, I was immediately drawn to the character of Scott after about ten pages in, despite that I had nothing (or very little) to relate myself to Scott. The dialogue of the characters was just so realistic and funny that I couldn't put the book down without finding out what happens. T...

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Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life 0

That. Was. AWESOME! Now this review will probably (and rightfully) make the book seem like the holy grail of comics (which I might be) but before I get to the positives, I’ll do the (very few) negatives… okay on second thought, the biggest negative thing I can think of is that sometimes characters look a but wonky, but that’s probably the point. And… okay that’s really my only knock against this book. Now, on to the positives; first off O’Malley’s writing is funny, witty and really damn good. E...

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Everything is Totally Sweet! 0

Intro: So a bunch of my friends are Scott Pilgrim fans and kept telling me how good it is. So finally I asked one of my friends if I could borrow Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1, I wasn't expecting how good this would be. Art: It's really cool manga-style art and works great for the story. Writing: The characters are pretty funny some times. Each character is showcased and we really get a good feel for each and everyone. The video game references are fun, and the characters are interesting. ...

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