Scott Lobdell Wants YOUR Questions : Holiday Edition 2011

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#101 Posted by great_kthulu (1 posts) - - Show Bio

So the controversy about starfire in the first red hood issue is pretty well documented at this point, my question is about your response. You said kori was being sarcastic, but it was extremely difficult for most readers I have talked to to detect this. Lots of people went into your book expecting starfire to be a certain way, and I personally know more than one person who picked up the book with their only introduction to her being the teen titans cartoon. Why did you decide to introduce starfire in this way? I feel like there would have been a lot less controversy if readers knew your take on the character before hand.

Also, I am really enjoying your teen titans, but I have to ask, why was solstice's name kept so secret? (from what I have seen she seems to be a very interesting character.)

Thanks for your time!

#102 Posted by PoisonD (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lobdell, and a Happy New Year, too! In regards to your comics, I have to tell you that I am thoroughly enjoying your Red Hood and the Outlaw series. I'm a huge Jason Todd fan. He's a most fascinating character, especially in regards to his place in the Bat-family. While I love Batman, I feel like Jason had been receiving too much of a bad rap for his anti-heroic ways. I truly believe one of the reasons Jason is such a fascinating character is the fact that he is an anti-hero. When written right, Jason explores the justice system in a way that Batman will never quite be able to. But, with regards to your monthly Red Hood comics, I've been reading different articles about other themes you may possibly be exploring. For instance, after the second comic, I read an article about the potential for Jason to be a genius. Seeing as there's been a lot of bad rap for Jason not being suited to be Robin, I thought this was a most interesting reading of the comic, and I wanted to know your thoughts on Jason's suitability to be both a Robin and a hero. How do you feel about his capabilities? Also, in the third issue, I noticed what could be considered an exploration of memory. In an interesting twist I didn't see coming, Jason surrendered his most precious memory. Will this have any effect on the type of person he is? After all, this is not just any memory. It's his most precious one! Generally speaking, those memories tend to establish some aspects of a person. And, with Kori's and Roy's, you can definitely see that. Will you be exploring how giving up that memory changes Jason? Finally, I want to thank you for your work on not only Red Hood and the Outlaws but on Superboy and Teen Titans too. I may not have the money to pick up every issue of the DC New 52 I want, but I have been following your works and the events in them. I'm incredibly excited about a lot of them, and I appreciate that all of you writers and artists have been working so hard for us fans! Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your holiday!!

#103 Posted by SladeRogers (273 posts) - - Show Bio

Will Jason and the Outlaws end up interact with the Titans later on? And if so, would Jason and Tim's former rivalry spark up again? As for the Titans, will Aqualad (Kaldur, not Garth) join? I mean he was brought in during Blackest Night/Brightest Day and that was the end of him so I'm curious.

#104 Posted by stephens2177 (1119 posts) - - Show Bio

i love that superboy is the pscionic Super family member,but will he ever punch or get physical in the future,or is he gonna stick to just using his awesome TK?

does his TTK sense work like telepathy,but on the physical plane?and does his super intelligence make it possible for him to "sense" everything around him at once,without getting overwhelmed? and does it also make it possible for him to actually learn and understand everything he "reads" also can he,or will he be able to read brain waves?

comment- i love the way you are portraying him,and how he is dealing with his morality and relationship with the world.

please dont dilute his iconic kal\lex dna with other donors,i know the "mother" comment has been raised,but im hoping that was more figureratively,than literal.

do you consider him just as powerful as any kryptonian teen male of his age and size would be?

#105 Posted by Grubich (367 posts) - - Show Bio

Ok, I can't really think of much to ask but, for Red hood and the Outlaws, could you please give some insight of things to come for our favorite outlaws? Like how they'll develop  as a non-team team?  
Follow up question: What do you think of the characters and how you've written them? 
Sorry but one more question: Is there any more info you can give about Jason Todd? I have to ask 'cause you write him very well and he's my favorite comic character next to Batman. Thanks for your time.

#106 Posted by G-Man (19225 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks for your responses. I'll look these over and we'll get Scott to start answering.

Staff Online
#107 Posted by Cervantes (601 posts) - - Show Bio

Scott, any chance you will get to form an entirely new hero team? I know you could do it - if so, what might it be like?

#108 Posted by TheRedRobin (206 posts) - - Show Bio

If I only pick up one of your books which should it be?

#109 Posted by redhoodx (87 posts) - - Show Bio

@daredevil21134: LOL!!!! This is late but I just saw it. Dude you are relentless. But here's to hoping.

#110 Posted by daredevil21134 (12955 posts) - - Show Bio

@redhoodx said:

@daredevil21134: LOL!!!! This is late but I just saw it. Dude you are relentless. But here's to hoping.

Damn Right

#111 Posted by ReVamp (22885 posts) - - Show Bio

@daredevil21134: Sucks that its closed, last issue of RHATO raised so many questions its not funny... RHATO's bumped up in my most liked series.

#112 Posted by daredevil21134 (12955 posts) - - Show Bio

@ReVamp said:

@daredevil21134: Sucks that its closed, last issue of RHATO raised so many questions its not funny... RHATO's bumped up in my most liked series.

Oh yeah,its been awsome

#113 Posted by BecauseISaidSo (112 posts) - - Show Bio

@TriSkeith13: I thought he said he wasn't going to cross them together.

#114 Posted by BecauseISaidSo (112 posts) - - Show Bio

To Scott Lobdell, when will you work for a different company??? I don't want you to continue writing with DC along with Tony Daniel, I hate the changes you made everything is just plain awful. I'm glad I never read RHATO and Teen Titans, I would not waste my money on it. You would be better off writing in either Image or back to Marvel comics.

#115 Posted by sethysquare (3842 posts) - - Show Bio

where is the interview?

#116 Posted by sethysquare (3842 posts) - - Show Bio

@G-Man: Oh man. I didnt know it was still open when I posted. DOUBLE FML

#117 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (36229 posts) - - Show Bio

When will we get the answers? 

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