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New 52

Scott Fisher (called Scorch) and Karma are in Maryland as the Crime Syndicate take over the planet. Scott and Karma were tasked with saving people, but were separated from the rest of the Doom Patrol (Celsius, Tempest and Negative Woman) and decide to meet under an overpass for Celsius. Scott and Karma argue over their place as heroes, Karma arguing that these powers are a curse and they shouldn't be heroes, and Scott saying they could save the planet, and its their duty. As they argue, Johnny Quick and Atomica come in holding a dead Negative Woman. Atomica battles Scott off to the side as Johnny unleashes a flurry of punches at Karma. They all go through him and Karma remarks how nothing can hit him if he doesn't want it too. Quick remedies this by quickly setting up a multitude of bombs around Karma and detonating them. Scott loses track of Atomica and desperately tries to escape when he hears Atomica, who shrunk down into his head. Scott apologizes to Karma (now dead), saying he thought they could save the world. Atomica kicks part of Scott's brain, causing him to lose control of his nervous and cardio systems and dying. Atomica leaves, saying "They all think they can save the world, don't they?". It is unknown if Celsius and Tempest survived.

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